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Military Installation Development Authority (MIDA)

Board of Directors

Contact Person: Detlef Galke, Chief Operations Officer/Treasurer

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Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (801)694-6834
Address: Northfront Business Resource Center
450 Simmons Way
Kaysville 84037
Other information: In the event of an absence of a majority quorum, agenda items will be continued to the next regularly scheduled meeting. By motion of a member of the Authority Board, the Board may vote to hold a closed meeting for any of the purposes allowed by law, Utah Code Sections 52-4-204, 52-4-205, 52-4-206. A copy of the above was posted in conspicuous view in the front foyer of the Northfront Business Resource Center, and the Davis Applied Technology College, Kaysville, Utah. A copy of this was placed on the Utah State Webpage.

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Upcoming Notices

Name Date Status Attachments
MIDA Board Meeting 2020/09/01 09:00 AM Scheduled MIDA Board Mtg 9-01-20.mp3 Audio Recording Added: 2020/09/02 01:27 PM
MIDA Board Meeting- Cancellation 2020/08/04 01:00 AM Scheduled No associated attachments
MIDA Board Meeting- Cancellation 2020/07/07 09:00 AM Scheduled No associated attachments
MIDA Board Meeting 2020/05/26 09:00 AM Scheduled GMT20200526-150118_MIDA-Board.mp3 Audio Recording Added: 2020/05/27 08:32 AM MIDA Board meeting minutes 03172020- approved.pdf Meeting Minutes Added: 2020/06/04 10:58 AM
MIDA BUDGET 2020/05/20 04:00 AM Scheduled MIDA Budget Report 5-26-2020.pdf Public Information Handout Added: 2020/05/20 03:47 PM
MIDA Board Meeting- Cancellation 2020/05/05 09:00 AM Scheduled No associated attachments
Cancellation of MIDA Board Meeting 2020/04/07 09:00 AM Scheduled No associated attachments