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Central Wasatch Commission Board Details

General Information

Public Body Name
Central Wasatch Commission Board
Entity Name
Central Wasatch Commission

Contact Information

Lindsey Nielsen
41 N Rio Grande St.
Suite 102
Salt Lake City, UT  84101
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Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Nann Worel nann.worel@parkcity.org (415)615-5000
Jeff Silvestrini jsilvestrini@millcreek.us (801)214-2705
Dann Knopp danknopp@brighton.utah.gov (801)244-0366
Erin Mendenhall erin.mendenhall@slcgov.com (801)535-7704
Chris Robinson cfrobinson@summitcounty.org (801)559-4397
Monica Zoltanski mzoltanski@sandy.utah.gov (801)568-7100
Roger Bourke rbourke@townofalta.com (801)742-3522
Carlton Christensen carlton@rideuta.com (801)743-3882
Annalee Munsey munsey@mwdsls.org (801)942-1391
Michael Weichers mweichers@ch.utah.gov (801)944-7000

Upcoming Notices

Notice Title Event Date Attachments
Board Meeting 2023/10/02 03:30 PM
Executive Budget Audit Committee Meeting 2023/09/18 03:30 PM
Board Meeting 2023/08/07 03:30 PM
Executive Budget Audit Committee Meeting 2023/07/27 01:00 PM
Precautionary Notice of a Potential Quorum 2023/06/27 07:00 PM
Executive Budget Audit Committee Meeting 2023/06/26 08:00 AM
Special Board Meeting 2023/06/09 02:00 PM
Central Wasatch Commission Public Hearing Concerning FY 2023/2024 Budget 2023/06/05 03:30 PM
Central Wasatch Commission Board Meeting 2023/06/05 03:30 PM
Transportation Committee Meeting 2023/05/16 01:00 PM


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