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Weber Fire District

Board of Trustees

Contact Person: David Austin, Fire Chief

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Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (801)782-3580
Address: 2023 West 1300 North
Farr West 84404

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Sharon Bolos (801)668-9277
Kerry Gibson (801)940-0475
Matt Gwynn (801)430-0533
Mike Hancock (801)317-8779
Val Heiner (801)814-5100
Brad Ostler (801)644-1900
James Truett (801)540-2083
Scott VanLeeuwen (801)391-4515
Kevin Ward (801)940-6945

Upcoming Notices

Name Date Status Attachments
Board of Trustees 2019/06/11 05:30 PM Scheduled Board Agenda 2019-6-11.pdf Other Added: 2019/06/10 04:26 PM
Notice of Election 2019/05/22 12:00 PM Scheduled Notice of Election.doc Other Added: 2019/05/22 11:49 AM
Board of Trustees 2019/05/14 05:30 PM Scheduled Board Agenda 2019-5-14.pdf Other Added: 2019/05/09 06:42 PM
Board of Trustees 2019/04/09 05:30 PM Scheduled Board Agenda 2019-4-9.pdf Other Added: 2019/04/04 05:41 PM
Board of Trustees 2019/03/12 05:30 PM Scheduled Board Agenda 2019-3-12.pdf Other Added: 2019/03/07 06:42 PM
Board of Trustees 2019/02/12 05:30 PM Scheduled No associated attachments
Board of Trustees 2019/01/08 05:30 PM Scheduled Board Agenda 2019-1-8.pdf Other Added: 2019/01/02 03:36 PM
Notice of Regular Meetings of the Board of Trustees 2019/01/01 01:00 AM Scheduled RegMtg Notice 2019.pdf Other Added: 2019/01/02 03:41 PM