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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a user of the Utah.gov network?
You must first download and print a Utah.gov Network Registration Agreement. This form asks you to fill in personal or company information, designate up to ten user names and passwords, and choose a billing option. See our Billing Options page for more information. Once the form is complete, mail the signed original to Utah.gov.
What should I do if my password isn't working?
First, try typing your user name and password in all lowercase letters and re-enter. Second, if this doesn't work, try closing your browser and re-opening it (this will re-set your browser). If it is still not working, you can Contact Utah.gov.
I have a billing question regarding my account, whom do I contact?
You can Contact Utah.gov and ask for the Billing Department. Please be sure to have your account number available when you call.
If we need to add users and obtain passwords for them, what does our company need to do?
Adding users is easy! Your registration entitles you to ten (10) user names and passwords. If you have not reached this maximum, just send a letter (on your letterhead) signed by the person listed as the contact on your Utah.gov Network Registration Agreement. The letter should state that you would like to add the following people as users to your account. Then for each employee to be added, list their name and their email address. These requests can be sent via U.S. Mail, fax, or email. You will be notified of the new user names and passwords.
I need to change my credit card / checking account number. Can I give you that information over the phone?
Credit card companies require that any changes must be submitted in writing. You will need to complete a Billing Option Change Form and either fax or mail that to Utah.gov.
I want to cancel my registration, what do I need to do?
You need to send an email cancellation request along with your account number(s) to subscribe@utah.gov.
I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet, what should I do?
Contact your Internet Service Provider or your company's network administrator for help.
How do I contact you?
We are located at:

136 East South Temple, Suite 1150
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
(801) 983-0275
(877) 9UT-EGOV
FAX: (801) 983-0282
Email: info@utahinteractive.org