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Personal Privacy Oversight Commission Details

General Information

Public Body Name
Personal Privacy Oversight Commission
Entity Name
Office of the State Auditor

Contact Information

Tauna MacPherson
(801) 538-1361
350 N State St.
Suite E310
Salt Lake City, UT  84114
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Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Denise Farnsworth denisef@utah.gov
Brandon Greenwood brandongreenwood@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
Chris Koopman ckoopman@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
David Sonnenreich dsonnenreich@agutah.gov (801) 538-1025
J. Kent Millington kentm@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
Marina Lowe marina.lowe@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
Mike Smith mikes@utahcounty.gov (801) 538-1025
Nayana P. Penmetsa npenmetsa@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
Phillip J. Windley, Chair pwindley@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
Quinn Fowers qfowers@webercountyutah.gov (801) 538-1025
Aliahu Bey aliahu.bey@utah.gov (801) 538-1025
Keith Squires keith.squires@utah.gov (801) 538-1025

Upcoming Notices

Notice Title Event Date Attachments
Office of the State Auditor 2023/04/05 02:00 PM
Office of the State Auditor 2023/02/08 02:00 PM
Office of the State Auditor 2022/12/07 02:00 PM


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