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Doing a School Report on Utah? Here are some web sites that can help.

  • Public Pioneer Library Site

    The Utah State government teamed up with public libraries, higher and public education, and the UEN to provide this useful site to Utah citizens. Available at schools, public libraries, and at home, this comprehensive resource is an excellent research tool.

  • Historical Society - History for Kids

    If you're looking for facts about Utah, this is the place to look! This site contains everything from dinosaurs to state symbols, geography to the Utah Encyclopedia. You can research information here and print it out from school or home.

  • K-12 Pioneer Library Site

    Utah's Online Library

  • Research Resources

    The Utah State Historical Society's research collections include a variety of materials, totaling almost one million items. These materials cover all aspects of Utah's social and cultural history from the 1840s to the present.

  • Education

    The Utah State Historical Society's Education Web site provides historical information for both students and teachers.

  • Research Resources

    Find activities and games designed to appeal to children's interest to learn and have fun.

More Helpful Resources

  • Utah Mentor

    Utah Mentor is an online resource to help students and their families select a college, apply for admission, and plan to finance higher education.

  • Take Pride in Utah

    TAKE PRIDE is a partnership of federal, state, and private agencies designed to preserve the Utah outdoors as well as encourage citizens to enjoy the great Utah outdoors. Lesson plans are available for K-6.

  • Utah Education Network

    The Utah Education Network offers a variety of educational services in addition to coordinating distance learning within the state. Elementary school children learn math concepts or learn Utah history with the help of instructional television. High school students take advanced classes via satellite or interactive television and do their homework over the Internet.

  • Utah's Electronic High School

    UEH provides access to distance-education classes for students who wish to make up lost credit, take courses not offered at their school, or even additional courses to accelerate graduation.

  • Utah's Struggle For Statehood

    This online exhibit tells the story of Utah's 50-year struggle to achieve statehood using the wealth of documents, photographs, and memorabilia held at various Utah repositories.

  • Just for Utah Youth

    A web site for Utah Youth. Specific info for foster youth.


    Users may browse and retrieve information on any public school in the United States.

  • K-12 Educator Resource Center

    The Utah Education Network created this Web site exclusively for K-12 educators. You will find education tools, activities, lesson plans, curriculum guides, and professional development opportunities.

  • K-12 Student Resource Center

    This site is designed to help K-12 students locate educational web pages, activities, materials, UEN delivered courses, and more.


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