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USHE Education Academic Resources provides tips, tools, resources, and conversation-starters about preparing and paying for college, to help make obtaining a higher education a reality for all Utah students.

Learn about the Utah System of Higher Education and the latest issues facing higher education in Utah at

USHE Majors Guide

The Majors Guide provides information on the majors and degrees offered at each public college and university in Utah, including how to prepare to be admitted to a field of study, who to contact for specific questions, and what classes are required to complete a degree.

Utah Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Utah's Career and Technical Education system prepares you to succeed in the workplace. CTE is designed to help students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to find gainful employment. And, CTE is designed to help workers acquire job skills in new fields or refresh skills in an existing career path.

Financial Aid Resources

Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority

UHEAA provides financial assistance to Utah residents and students attending Utah postsecondary institutions. UHEAA has one of the best Borrower Benefits programs in the country.

Utah Navajo Trust Fund

UNTF receives 37.5% of the 12.5% oil royalties from 16 leases northeast of Montezuma Creek (62.5% from this area and 100% from Aneth, Red Mesa, and Mexican Water goes to the Navajo Nation). UNTF administers these funds for use in common for Utah Navajo communities and families for various programs such as higher education financial aid, water lines, sewer lines, power lines, housing, renovation, additions, and other chapter projects.

Utah Education Savings Plan

The Utah Educational Savings Plan is the official 529 education savings plan sponsored by the State of Utah. It is a "direct-sold" 529 plan, which means that an account can be set up and contributions can be made by dealing directly with UESP. A financial advisor or broker-dealer does not need to be involved.


UtahMentor provides a wealth of information on financing higher education and on selecting the college that's right for you. It is designed to prepare Utah students for a seamless K-16 planning transition by helping students and parents make informed decisions about college. UtahMentor provides a step-by-step guide to applying for financial aid and searching for scholarships.

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