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Your Government Digital Assistant

Gov2Go, is the simple way to take care of government interactions in one convenient place-saving time, worry, and frustration. Like a personal assistant for government, Gov2Go carefully gathers and presents all the information needed to take timely action.

The Gov2Go nationwide platform is provided by NIC.

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Why use Gov2Go?

Timely Reminders

Be reminded of important renewal and registration dates.

Gov2Go sends a timely reminder.

Makes Government Simpler

The one-stop for interacting with agencies at all levels of government with a single username and password - UtahID.

Based on the details shared, Gov2Go builds a personalized timeline and schedules government tasks for the year.

Easy To Use

Quickly access the government services most important at Gov2Go-anytime, anywhere. Download and setup takes just minutes: create a profile and you're ready to go.

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