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Administrative Control Board Details

General Information

Public Body Name
Administrative Control Board
Entity Name
Washington County Special Service District #1

Contact Information

Kevin Kunz
325 N Landfill Road
Washington, UT  84780
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Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Ron Lehm bearsden2@scinternet.net (435)231-3843
Michelle Tanner michelle.tanner@sgcity.org (435)256-5177
Kevin Sair ksair@applevalleyut.gov (435)429-5599
Natalie Larsen natalie.larsen@sgcity.org (435)619-9411
Dannielle Larkin dannielle.larkin@sgcity.org (435)627-4700
Michele Randall michele.randall@sgcity.org (435)632-9116
Aaron Olsen aolsen@visionaryhomes.com (435)634-5700
Gil Almquist gil.almquist@washco.utah.gov (435)634-5700
Nannette Billings billings@cityofhurricane.com (435)635-2811
Craig Coats ccoats@washingtoncity.org (435)656-6300
Cheyne Mcdonald cheynemcdonald@ymail.com (435)668-7931
Blair Gubler blairgone@gmail.com (435)680-2348
Jean Krause jkrause@virginutah.org (435)680-6823
Jimmie Hughes jimmie.hughes@sgcity.org (435)772-6208
Scott Pace scott_pace2001@yahoo.com (435)865-6375
Ron Cundick cundickone@gmail.com (801)674-3189

Upcoming Notices

Notice Title Event Date Attachments
Board Meeting 2024/04/08 05:00 PM No associated attachments
Regular Board Meeting 2024/02/12 05:00 PM No associated attachments
Annual Meeting Schedule 2024 2024/01/01 12:01 AM No associated attachments
Notice of Public Hearing 2023/12/11 05:00 PM
Board Meeting & Public Hearing 2023/12/11 05:00 PM No associated attachments
Special Board Meeting 2023/11/13 05:00 PM No associated attachments


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