Explore Careers

Explore Education and Training

You know what you want to do, but you need more training or education first. This section provides detailed information about training programs, college admissions, and financial assistance.

Take High School Seriously

Prepare Now for College. Today, two-thirds of new jobs require at least some education beyond high school. The classes you choose in high school lay the foundation for college success. The right classes may help you qualify for a scholarship.

Find a College Program

Different occupations require different levels of education and training experience. Finding the right college and program of study may be the key to your dream job.

Find a Training Program

Career and Technical Education programs prepare you for more than a good paying job; they help jump start a rewarding career. Utah public and higher education CTE programs offer job related training to propel you into the 21st century with the technical skills that pay.

Finance Your Education/Training

Do you need help paying for tuition, books, or living expenses? Financial aid, scholarships, savings plans, and other assistance programs are available.