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Department of Natural Resources

Board of Water Resources

Contact Person: Barbara Allen

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Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (801)538-7236
Address: 1594 West North Temple
Salt Lake City 84116

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Board of Water Resources Meeting 2019/12/05 08:00 AM Scheduled Board Meeting Dates 2020.docx Other Added: 2019/12/04 08:02 AM BRIEFING MEETING AGENDA.docx Other Added: 2019/12/04 07:59 AM BOARD AGENDA.docx Other Added: 2019/12/04 08:00 AM
Board of Water Resources Meeting 2019/10/10 01:00 PM Scheduled 2019-10-10 WRE Board Meeting Audio Recording (44.1k 128bps mono).mp3 Audio Recording Added: 2019/10/16 07:48 AM