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Department of Administrative Services

Transparency Board

Contact Person: Melissa Brown

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Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (801)538-3010
Address: 450 North State St., Division of Finance
2110 State Office Building
Salt Lake City 84114

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Tani Pack Downing, Chair (801)538-3010
Holly Richardson (801)369-2836
Sen Deidre Henderson (801)538-1035
Rep Steve Eliason (801)673-4748
Arlyn Bradshaw (801)468-7454
Gary Williams (801)629-8145
Jonathan Ball (801)538-1034
Richie Wilcox (801)538-1702
Mike Hussey (801)538-3298
Rosemary Cundiff (801)531-3858
Jason Williams (801)000-0000
Michelle Larsen (801)743-3882
Auditor John Dougall (801)538-1025