Entity: Utah Labor Commission

Body: Mine Safety Technical Advisory Council

Subject: Labor Commission
Notice Title: MSTAC meeting
Meeting Location: 160 E 300 S

Event Date & Time: September 21, 2021
September 21, 2021 09:30 AM
                        Meeting Called to Order
- At 9:00 am, September 14th by Justin Barrington, Chairman
 Roll Call
 Old Business
- Approval of JUNE 15th, 2021 minutes.
- Any tabled Motions, Points of Order to be considered.
- Update of Motions passed.
. New Business
- 30 CFR ยง50 Accidents.
- Production.
- Future/current leases.
- Seismic Activity Report.
- Changes to Emergency Response. Updates provided by local emergency
personnel and updates from county LEPC meetings.
- General Information.
- Personnel changes or updates.
- Next meeting December 14th, 2021.. Adjournment
- At 10:30 am, September 21st by Justin Barrington, Chairman. Without objection.
Notice of Special Accommodations: Persons with disabilities should call the OCMS office at 435-636-1467 24 hours in advance if special accommodations are requested.
Notice of Electronic or telephone participation: NA
Other information:
Contact Information: Kent Houghton
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