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Amalga Town Board Meeting

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Amalga Town Council

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Amalga Town Board Meeting
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Event Start Date & Time
April 10, 2024 07:00 PM
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April 10, 2024 09:12 PM
Amalga Town Council Wednesday April 10, 2024 Amalga town hall 6590 N 2400 W AMALGA, UTAH Agenda as follows: 1. Welcome / Pledge of allegiance. Colette Dursteler 2. Roll Call: David Wood Mayor, Paul Hansen Council Member, Colette Dursteler Council Member, Shantrell Ritter Clerk, Sid Munk, Kathryn Munk, Sharon Munk, Tasha McKendrick, Chancy McKendrick, Randy Eames, Trevor Munk, Larry Tomb, Marilyn Munk, Vicki Hambly, Keith Hambly, Steve Barton, Lee Ann Barton, Kathryn Ward, Leeann Campbell, Paul Campbell, Brian Potts Smithfield Fire Department, Leo Shephard, Mary Shephard, Dan Guebler, Tyler Bently, Leeanna Bentley, Nate Noyes, Mark Clement, Jackie Mickey, Carter mickey, Scott Gittins, Michelle Gittins, Gwen Hansen, Brett Downs, Judy Downs, DJ Anderson, Brian Rindlisbacher, Darin Rindlisbacher, Jeff Nelson, Braden Munk, Gustavo Galee, Jeromy Jenson, Deputy Shaw Cache County Sheriff, Jesse Cooley, Jason Munk, Tammy Munk, Shane Munk, Justin Munk, Jessica Bohm, Trevor Munk 3. Approve Minutes from March 13, 2024, meeting. a. Motion to Approve Dave Lee b. 2nd Paul Hansen 4. Cache County Annual Sheriff's Report -Sheriff Chad Jenson a. No law enforcement contract to talk about because we are in the middle of a 3-year contract. We used 298% of our contracted time last year equaling 313hours b. Calls for service last year 77, 65 so far this year through march. c. Current year 105 hours contracted for. We have used 263 hours this year. On track with the same as last year. d. 10 Citations and 10 warnings Jan - March 31 e. Happy to help in any way. 5. Sid Munk and Randy Eames Items for discussion: Traffic and speed on 2400 W, a. Randy Eames: What are we going to do to control the speed. Intersection at highway. Want to put a flashing light at highway like intersection at Riverside Who do we get in contact with UDOT to add the light. The sheriff would 100% agree with the installation of the light. Is it possible for the Sheriff s office to set up a speed trap from 7-9 a.m. Add flashing lights for warnings. Should add flashing warning lights 1 mile out from intersection. If we have to do a one-time assessment per household, he is sure that most people would agree with it. Asked the Sheriff for the contact information for the person over UDOT in the valley, for accident reports that have responded to at the intersection of highway 218 and 2400 W. b. Sheriff: would 100% agree in putting in a light at the intersection and will support our town anyway we want. Would help to have a petition to submit to UDOT. c. Sid Munk: Would like to lower the speed to 35 as you enter Amalga like they have in Newton, Smithfield, Clarkston, they are expecting 40% traffic increase when the temple opens. d. Paul Campbell: can we have a sheriff sit around longer to add a really strong message we are not going to take it. e. Sheriff: Cannot hire enough staff but can work with the council to move the time allotted to more traffic work. f. Nate Noyes: we appreciate it when your deputies are out here. g. Sherrif we can do better at directing traffic patrol hours. We can do a stricter enforcement policy with more tickets. The ultimate goal is to stop the speeding problem. h. Kathryn Ward: Our yard has a posted sign. Son was hit 100 feet from sign. What can we do to fix 8600 for speeding? i. Tammy Munk: when the semis come through, they are booking it. Have patrols coming out and monitor the trucks. Need to add GVW to our truck speed limit signs. j. Sheriff: Can have UDOT come out with their specialized equipment and do spot inspections. k. Shane Munk: I notice that when you have someone pulled over between 7-8 people will slow down the next day. Maybe have that every day. l. Sid Munk: Last night 2 groups of bicyclists took over the whole road. They need to obey traffic laws including not impeding traffic. They can ride two abreast. m. Jason Munk: can we shut down bike rides. i. Sherrif it's not the events that cause the problem, it's the training ones. n. If you see bikers that are riding fully across the road can officers remind them to ride two o. What if Amalga tells events that if you have riders with tickets they can't participate p. The frustration with the bikers is that there is only one road in and one road out and to have to compete with the bikers for 3 hours or 3times a week when they are training. But everyone else drives through our town 50 miles an hour. q. Lisa Sharp - Brother is a biker who has told her that the association reminds bikers of the laws, but there are certain groups that don't practice respect. r. What would it cost to add signs below the speed limit signs for bikers that 2 abreast will be enforced? i. Mayor: we could do that. s. Sheriff: we will make a more concerted effort to have patrols out here. 6. Sid Munk and Randy Eames Corridor Study: a. Sid Munk On a side note last fall Schreiber came through and cut through our crossings into the fields and they have never come back to fix them. and left clay in their fields, we are in the process of digesting the manure. The Digester should be done within the year. All that will come back are the tailings which have no odor. b. Sid Munk: They have been working on this for a few years they have chosen Amalga as a four-lane road. First phase will end at the crossroads (HWY 218 and 2400 W), Second phase will continue through the town and the third phase would take it up to the state line. Was notified of this last year by his engineer and it is a 90% go. Need to start writing letters, getting speed limit under control. Engineers suggest we should drop the speed limit to discourage traffic. Propose 30 MPH through the whole town. c. Gwen Hansen: Are there other options? 1600 west was the other options, i. Mayor: went to the mayor's meeting as far as they are saying there is no plans, and they are just doing a study right now. d. Paul Campbell: what do we need to do as a town to make 2400 unpalatable to them? i. There should be a e. Tammy Munk: on the website is shows that from Darrell's north that is their preferred choice. f. Ed Dursteler: They have already started this in Wellsville, they put the light in there at Ted's and connecting it to 2400. g. We are making ourselves a thoroughfare, why don't we put some stop signs in along 2400 West. h. Brett Downs: What do we have to do to lower the speed back down to 30? i. Mayor Three votes. i. Leeann Barton: will they go through Trenton if so, how will they manage the turns? j. Sid Munk: they'll build across the rivers and straighten out the turns. 2400 Is a meridian road that lines up with State Street in Salt Lake City. k. Ken Allsop: It strikes they can come and take our land even with a slower speed it's not going to make a difference. Somebody says that by the time it hits an open house it is over. If we don't want it, we need to act now by organizing the citizens, being vocal and talking with the decision makers. If they want a western corridor, make a real corridor that does not go through towns and doesn't use an already existing road. We need to talk to tell them now to come up with a new plan, that we are not going to take the current plan without a fight. l. Sid Munk: The lower speed would push the traffic to a different route. m. Ed Dursteler: We need to organize to get them to move the project. n. Randy Eames: Up until Amalga none of the other roads are not incorporated, we pay for all the upkeep so if they want to come through here no matter what can we use that to fight against them. o. Ken Allsop: Tell them if they want to come through here they will face a court battle for every house. You got to go in and be very vocal and tell them we don't want them. p. Mayor: $2-$5 million for a study there will be a hearing and then that's when we can object. We need to tell them to go further west, we have 500 people in this town that they want to destroy. q. Paul Hansen: We need some type of communication with the planning committee to tell them we don't want this. r. Paul Campbell: Our council members need to step up and represent our town. We need to find out who will take the lead on this. i. Mayor: I will do that. ii. Ken Allsop: let's get a group of citizens to work with the council and interface with the council. s. Ken Allsop: Sign a petition we need to have a full court press until the pavements laid, we need to have persistent presence for the long haul. t. Sharon Munk: We should get the whole town to sign the petition and Benson because it affects them too. u. Mayor: Same thing with highway 218 to reduce the speed. We that as a petition also. We need some Volunteers. v. Sid Munk: An Advisory committee of citizens. They would work continuously to have their eyes on this project and would advise the council. w. Ed Dursteler: Potholes Chip windshields: can we have someone come in to fix each pothole. We need hotfix. Has everything to fix those potholes. May 1st hot mix will be ready. x. Mayor:Chip and seal will fix potholes along road along with fog seal. Probably in July. y. Form a Committee: Paul Campbell, Ed Dursteler, Sid Munk, Nate Noyes, Kathryn Ward, Ken Allsop, Leanna Bently Carter Mickey. z. Paul Hansen: we should get a couple of people who live in Benson on 2400 west onto the committee: Trevor Munk will contact some and get back to the council and committee. 7. Sid Munk West Cache Canal Project where the road crosses the canal at 5900 North was a one vehicle crossing when made. West cache would like to install sleave it 40 Feet Expense for Amalga would be 1700 the culvert is only a foot from the asphalt. They would like to do it right now. We would need a bid sheet. 40.75/foot town pays for half and West cache pays for half a. Motion to split the amount for this project with Cache West Canal in the amount and not to exceed $1700 Paul Hansen i. 2nd Dave lee 8. Amalga Days Celebration Update No update. 9. Smithfield Fire Department Update a. Smithfield fire department we are a fulltime coverage department. No longer volunteer department. b. Staff 7 per shift c. Fulltime fire chief Jeff Peterson d. We cove Hyde Park Smithfield Richmond Amalga e. Ambulance 3100 North to the border f. Water study on the hydrants, Medical, Fire g. We are working on Community emergency response teams h. County Great Shake out on April 18th. i. Emergency Operation center for each town to manage disaster. j. Each year you need to emergency plan k. Designated emergency manager l. Declaration of your successors for you. m. Going to Critical care response center n. In Amalga first three months 5 calls o. Takes 11.5 minutes to get here we are working on that to improve response time. p. What would you like to have us help you with. i. Anything you can use a night for the community? 1. CPR 2. CERT q. Can put onto our website. r. Paul Hansen will Friend Smithfield fire Department on Facebook. s. What do you need from Amalga for water? i. Preplanning with our fire pump. ii. Mayor will stop by the fire department to talk with the fire chief. 10. Council reports: a. Paul Hansen i. RAPZ stuff hasn't come back we should hear something on 1st of May. ii. 2 bids came back for the shade for the playground but way too much still waiting for one more bid. iii. Easte egg hunt went well with the youth council. iv. Kristen Allsop has asked someone to take over the youth council. v. Bathrooms our open, first mowing, Soccer team is using the fields as is Tball practice. Need knew lock on women's bathroom, Water fountain is good to go. vi. Ward/town cleanup afterwards have refreshments. Will contact Bishop Jenson. Ed Dursteler will donate roll off dumpster. b. Dave Lee i. We had P and Z No business from the public went over the community workshop Notice. This is a discussion group to find out what's going on with housing and what the community wants to do about it. ii. Sent in contract to for SB 174 to Sunrise Engineering. State housing subdivision and housing density. iii. Reply to an email it's nothing that we need to take care of with. c. Colette Dursteler- nothing to report. d. Mark Cowley: not in attendance report was submitted as following: The Water nitrate/nitrite level for the first quarter came back well below the required limits. Needs a key to be able to access the well site. 11. Mayor's report a. Went to a mosquito meeting. i. We are changing to miathylon we change it every four or five years. ii. Will probably start I June. County once a week, town twice a week. b. Went to a road meeting last week and we are putting in a project COGG. c. Dog License on the 16th of March collected around $700. d. Schreiber's is putting in a pad on the west side of there pond. To comply with the EPA. e. Will check on drainage grate in front of church which keeps ponding since the road was repaved. f. Had a meeting with waste management and there will be no green waste bins in Amalga. 12. Cash Disbursement a. Motion to Approve Dave Lee b. 2nd Paul Hansen 13. Any New Business for the agenda next month a. Change Speed Limit. Including Public Hearing. b. Youth council reports c. Amalga Days 14. Adjournment a. Motion to Adjourn Dave Lee b. 2nd Colette Dursteler
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In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting should notify David Lee @435-881-0552.
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6590 N 2400 W
AMALGA, UT 84335
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April 18, 2024 10:22 AM
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April 18, 2024 10:22 AM


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