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Alcoholic Beverage Services Commission > Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services
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Alcoholic Beverage Services Commission

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Commission Meeting
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February 23, 2023 10:00 AM
UTAH DEPARTMENT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SERVICES PLEASE NOTE: The anchor location for this meeting is 4315 South 2700 West, Taylorsville. In consideration of public health and safety, we are offering this as a 'hybrid' meeting with in-person and virtual attendance. We encourage members of the public that are not actively participating in the commission meeting to join by audio. If you have any questions about the format of this meeting, please contact Vickie Ashby at 801-977-6801. Public attendance is available by audio: Phone: 1-719-359-4580 Meeting ID: 836 6964 5185 Passcode: 45615037 Commission Meeting Thursday, February 23, 2023 - 10:00 a.m. 4315 South 2700 West, Taylorsville, Utah [Commissioners may participate virtually] F I N A L A G E N D A 1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER - JULIETTE TENNERT, CHAIR. 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. (Joseph Ferrari) 3. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE COMMISSION MEETING: [action item] - January 26, 2023 Commission Meeting 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS: a. Proposed Future Meeting Schedule: (subject to change) - Thursday, March 30, 2023 - Thursday, April 27, 2023 b. Public Comments: - Those present, please complete the form located at the back of the room. - Those participating virtually, please email your name, city, topic, and affiliation (if applicable) to hotline@utah.gov by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. - Comments will be addressed at the end of the meeting. 5. STATE AUDITOR PROPOSED AUDIT PLAN FOR FISCAL YEAR 2023 - JOHN DOUGALL, UTAH STATE AUDITOR. [action item] 6. FINANCIAL UPDATE. (Sean Williford) 7. PARENTS EMPOWERED UPDATE. (Doug Murakami) 8. OPERATIONS UPDATE. (Tiffany Clason/Cade Meier) 9. VIOLATIONS: *Referral Source - State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), Salt Lake Police Department (SLPD), North Salt Lake Police Department (NSLPD), Ogden Police Department (OPD), Unified Police Department (UPD), Cache County (CC), Box Elder Sheriff (BES), Layton Police Department (LPD), Logan Policy Department (LGPD) a. Consent Calendar: (Samuel McHenry) [action item] [The following Consent Calendar items include uncontested letters of admonishment (written warnings) and settlement agreements that have been agreed to and accepted by the licensees. They are considered as a block with one vote unless one of the commissioners requests that any item be removed for individual discussion.] (1) Via 313 Pizzeria, Lehi and Brighton Fox *SBI (RE) (employee). (2) Andi's Neighborhood Market, Salt Lake City *UPD (OP) And Blanca Sanchez-Gonzalez (employee). (3) Osaka Sushi, Layton and Briana Bajaras (employee). *SBI (RL) (4) 7-Eleven #33977B, Salt Lake City and Kristina *UPD (OP) Broadbent (employee). (5) Jo Jo Bowls and Boba, Ogden and Kaitlyn Hancock *SBI (RL) (employee). (6) Courtyard by Marriott, Layton and Kathleen *SBI (RE) Nielsen (employee). (7) Great American Grill @ Hilton Garden Inn, Sandy *SBI (RE) and Jazmin Perez (employee). (8) Maria's Mexican Restaurant, Ogden and Angelica *SBI (RE) Luna (employee). (9) Hyatt Place, Salt Lake City and Brittany Lacock *SBI (RE) (employee). (10) Tepanyaki, Clearfield and Macey Moosman *SBI (RL) (employee). (11) Texas Roadhouse, Sandy and Andrew Koering *SBI (RE) (employee). (12) Steiny's Family Sports, Ogden and Cameron *SBI (RE) Scott (employee). (13) The Beehive Grill, Logan and Amy Vanwagoner *SBI (RE) (employee). (14) Red Lobster, Layton and Sean Stuard (employee). *SBI (RE) (15) Fast Stop # 1109, Plymouth and Nicholas *BES (OP) McCarter (employee). (16) Cowboy's Country Kitchen, Wellington. *SBI (RE) (17) Maverik # 340, Roy and SD (employee). *SBI (OP) (18) Wing Nutz, Sandy and Jillian Pardew (employee). *SBI (RE) (19) Wing Nutz, Sandy. *SBI (RE) (20) Last Chance Store # 11, Layton and Cedric *LPD (OP) Andrews (employee). (21) Nyla's South Chevron, Logan and Karen Barker *LGPD (OP) (employee). (22) Bear River Valley Co-Op, Corinne and Taylor *BES (OP) Madsen (employee). (23) Prodigy Brewing, Logan and Paulina Lopez and *SBI (RE) Craig Fortuna (employees). (24) Nino Viejo, Farmington and Irvin Bermudez *SBI (RE) (employee). (25) Winger's, Kaysville and Nieves Infanzon- *SBI (RB) Hernandez (employee). (26) Weller's Bistro on Main, Layton and Jamie *SBI (RE) Bengtson (employee). (27) Zulu Grille, Lehi and Maqueneze Hernandez *SBI (RL) (employee). (28) Courtyard Lehi at Thanksgiving Point, Lehi and *SBI (RE) Kalie Nutt (employee). (29) Arella Pizzeria, Woods Cross and Connor Hart *SBI (RL) (employee). (30) Valles, Inc., Mexican Hat and Jess Neff (employee). *SBI (OP) (31) Valles, Inc., Mexican Hat and Jess Neff (employee). *SBI (OP) (32) Tokyo Steakhouse & Asian Fusion, Lehi and *SBI (RL) Bradley Yu (employee). (33) Caf Sabor, Layton and Robert Sewell (employee). *SBI (RE) (34) Huhot of Logan, Logan and Pornpan Trimble *SBI (RL) (employee). (35) Slapfish, Lehi and Tito Villa (employee). *SBI (RL) (36) Welcome Mart, Wellsville and Nicholas Booher *CC (OP) (employee). (37) 7-Eleven Store # 35470B, Salt Lake City and Tiana *UPD (OP) Brown (employee). b. Violation Consideration: (Samuel McHenry) [action item] (38) L.W. Truck Stop, Logan and A.A. (employee). *LGPD (OP) 10. LICENSEE RECOGNITIONS: PASSED UTAH PUBLIC SAFETY, SBI COVERT UNDERAGE BUYER (CUB) INSPECTIONS. (Tiffany Clason) 11. LICENSE RENEWALS. (Angela Micklos) [action item] 12. EXTENDED CLOSURE REQUESTS: (Rob Hansen) [action items] a. Stone Hearth Grille, Tropic. (RL) (requesting until the March 2023 meeting) b. Burr Trail Grill, Boulder. (RL) (requesting until the March 2023 meeting) c. Duke's Slickrock Grill, Hanksville. (RL) (requesting until the March 2023 meeting). d. La Cueva Restaurante, Torrey. (RL) (requesting until the March 2023 meeting) e. Chak Balam Mexican, Torrey. (RE) (requesting until the March 2023 meeting) f. Real Bar & Grill, Sandy. (BAR) (requesting until the March 2023 meeting) g. Lodge @ Bryce Canyon. Bryce. (RL) (requesting until the April 2023 meeting) h. Hell's Backbone Grill, Boulder. (RE) (requesting until the April 2023 meeting) i. Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, Boulder. (RE) (requesting until the April 2023 meeting) j. Anasazi / Kiva, Lake Powell. (RE) (requesting until the April 2023 meeting) k. Grappa, Park City. (RE) (requesting until the April 2023 meeting) 13. CHANGE OF LOCATION REQUEST: (Rob Hansen) [action item] a. Senorita's Cantina (BAR) (Conditional) From: 533 South 1750 West, Suite #4, Springville. To: 135 North 2000 West, #A, Springville. 14. LICENSE APPLICATIONS: *Information on License Transfers can now be found on the Utah Public Notice Website. a. Off- Premise Beer Retailer Applicants: (Stephne Hanson) [action items] License Change of Ownership: (1) 7-Eleven Store # 12945D, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (2) 7-Eleven Store # 22049B, Brigham City. (3) 7-Eleven Store # 35035A, Ogden. (4) Gas Stop, Hurricane. (5) Ogden Beer Company, Ogden. (Conditional) New Applicants: (1) MJ Country Store, Cedar City. (2) Red Canyon Lodge, Dutch John. (3) Maverik #680, St George. (4) Digby's Market, St George. (Conditional) (5) Salt Lake Brewing Company, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (6) 379 South Corner Store, Salt Lake City. (7) House of Green Murray, Murray. (Conditional) b. Special Use Educational Permit: (Jeff Colvin) [action item] New Applicant: (1) Simplicity Cocktails, Salt Lake City. c. Manufacture Brewery Applicants: (Jeff Colvin) [action items] License change of ownership: (1) Salt Lake Brewing, Salt Lake City. New Applicants: (1) Level Crossing Brewing, Salt Lake City. (2) Apex Brewing, Salt Lake City. d. Package Agency Applicants: (Jeff Colvin) [action items] New Applicants: (1) Level Crossing Brewing Company, Salt Lake City. (Type 5) (2) Salt Lake Brewing Company, Salt Lake City. (Type 5) (3) Slide Ridge, Mendon. (Type 5) e. On-Premise Beer Recreational Amenity Applicant: (Jeff Colvin) [action items] License Change of Ownership: (1) Gravel Pit Lanes, Moab. New Applicants: (1) Cedar Ridge Golf Shop, Cedar City. (Conditional) (2) The Logan Golf and Country Club, Logan. (Conditional) (3) Ben Lomond Lanes Lounge, Ogden. (Conditional) (4) Fat Cats, Riverton. (Conditional) (5) Dixie Red Hills Golf Course, St George. (6) Devo Golf, Tremonton. (Conditional) f. Full-Service Restaurant Applicants: (Cori Price) [action items] License Change of Ownership: (1) Legends Pub & Grill Downtown, Salt Lake City. (2) Somi Vietnamese Bistro, Salt Lake City. (3) Zion Canyon Brew Pub, Springdale. Ready to Operate: (1) The Kathmandu, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (Currently holds a limited restaurant, will surrender upon approval). (2) Gurus Sports Bar & Grill, St George. Projected Future Opening: (1) Horizon View Restaurant, Moab. (Conditional) (projected opening March 1, 2023). (2) Autocamp Zion Restaurant, Virgin. (Conditional) (projected opening March 1, 2023) (3) Ulum @ Under Canvas, Moab. (Conditional) (projected opening March 6, 2023). (4) Biscuit & Hogs, Ogden. (Conditional) (projected opening March 17, 2023) (5) Stack 571 Burger & Whiskey Bar, South Jordan. (Conditional) (projected opening March 15, 2023). (6) Level Crossing Brewing, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening April 15, 2023). (back-up application for bar) (7) Root'd Caf , Riverton. (Conditional) (projected opening April 27, 2023). (8) Red Canyon Lodge, Dutch John. (Conditional) (projected opening April 1, 2023) g. Limited Service Restaurant Applicants: (Cori Price) [action items] New Applicants: (1) Valhalla Pizzeria, Bryce. (Conditional) (2) Nawab's Indian Restaurant, Draper. (Conditional) (3) Hoovers River Restaurant, Marysvale. (Conditional) (Requesting winter seasonal license). (4) Kin Sen Asian Noodle Bar, Salt Lake City. (5) Dirty Bird Fried Chxx, Riverton. (Conditional) (6) Neighborhood Wing Co., Tooele. (Conditional) (7) Karma Caf , Tooele. (Conditional) (8) Bombay Garden Cuisine of India, West Jordan. (Conditional) h. On Premise Banquet Applicant: (Rob Hansen) [action item] New Applicant: (I) Autocamp Zion, Virgin. (Conditional) i. On Premise 'Tavern' Applicants: (Rob Hansen) [action items] License Change of Ownership: (1) Zion Canyon Brew Pub, Springdale. New Applicants: (1) Pete's Place Bar & Grill, Ogden. (Conditional) (2) Apex Brewing, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) j. Bar Establishment Applicants: (Rob Hansen) [action items] License Change of Ownership: (1) Blackbird Bar, Cedar City. (Conditional) (2) Bobby Junior's, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) Ready to Operate: (1) Squatter's and Wasatch (formerly known as West Side Tavern), Salt Lake City. (currently holds a winter seasonal bar license; requesting full bar license) (2) Fisher Brewing Company, Salt Lake City. (currently holds a tavern license; will surrender tavern license if approved) (3) Bout Time Pub & Grub, Bluffdale. (projected opening February 23, 2023) (4) HK Brewing Collective, Salt Lake City. (open) Projected Future Opening: (1) Aker Restaurant and Lounge, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening April 2023) (2) Level Crossing Brewing Company, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening April 15, 2023) (3) Second Summit Hard Cider Co., Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening May 1, 2023) (4) Yuki, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening July 2023) (5) Bout Time Pub & Grub, Saratoga Springs. (Conditional) (projected opening August 2023) (6) Marquis, Park City. (Conditional) (projected opening November 2023) 15. COMMENTS FROM COMMISSIONERS AND PUBLIC. 16. ADJOURN. INDIVIDUALS NEEDING LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES SHOULD CONTACT VICKIE ASHBY AT (801) 977-6800 AT LEAST THREE WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE MEETING.
Notice of Special Accommodations (ADA)
Notice of Electronic or Telephone Participation

Meeting Information

Meeting Location
4315 South 2700 West
Taylorsville, UT 84129
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Contact Name
Vickie Ashby
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February 21, 2023 04:30 PM
Notice Last Edited On
March 30, 2023 01:53 PM

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