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Town of Goshen

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May 10, 2022 07:00 PM
Town of Goshen Council Goshen Town Hall May 10, 2022 Town Board Public Hearing Meeting 7:00 PM A. Pledge of Allegiance- Alisha Williams B. Prayer - JC Reynolds Town Council Meeting C. Disclosures- N/A D. Public Input, Non agenda items- Linda Thomas asked about building and how many permits there have been this year, as well as how many more will be coming and if there is enough water for this. Council discussion noted that there have been 3-4 in the last year. Also, that there are a few lots being worked on now, subdivisions etc. 1. Approval of Minutes- Charles motions to approve minutes, JC seconds, all in favor. 2. Discussion and possible action of non filed division of lot #61:082:0026- Rachel explained that the reasoning for this being on the agenda is because this was not done and recorded properly. Utah County asked for the council to adopt and legally approve the split lots, for proper recording. Randy asked if it was done right, steven noted that this is just to line out and clean up the paperwork, that everything was done appropriately. Charles moved to approve the split lot #61:082:0026, JC seconds, all in favor. 3. Discussion/possible action of Farnsworth's Thoroughbred Subdivision- Some amendments needed to be made; perc tests, septics, and minor adjustments to road and prints on plat maps. Utah County also mailed out a letter stating that there could not be any permitted sheds or structures over the septic areas, and these lots are subject to denial of such buildings. They will be watching all properties closely with septic systems due to incidences in surrounding areas that have not followed such guidelines and now have major issues. Also the county was slow with some of their paperwork mentioned by Lindsay. It was also noted that a bond needed to be set for this and any projects like these and that is not done yet. A quote from sunrise was approx 290 thousand dollars. Lindsay had mentioned that Bruce had felt that was high, Steven noted that the ordinance states that bond notes are per city engineer estimates and that is what he recommends going with. Charles did agree and stated that they need to follow the engineers bond to cover Goshen in case any matters arise. It was also mentioned that Dominion is not going to take Natural Gas to their subdivision, due to no existing structures yet. Attorney talked to Steven and said that council can require this to have natural gas for the future of Goshen. Discussion of pro's and Con's about this was thrown around amongst board and Farnsworth's. Lindsay mentioned they would rather have natural gas, but still looking if its feasible for them. If they do not put it in, the future owners will need to pay for the line and hook-up by themselves. Also, has potential that town be held to consequences for allowing this to go through with out requiring then to have gas. That is a risk the board did not want to take. Topic bumped to later on agenda 4. Updated Master Plan discussion/possible action- Planning and Zoning went through the general master plan, worked with some council and MAG, and have recommended the master plan to the Town Council Board for passing/approval. Steven mentioned MAG and all they have done for Goshen, and that there were several that have worked on this and fine tuned things that fit Goshen as it is, a rural home town feel town. As of right now, nothing has been decided on animals and the allotment of how many to each size lot etc. This will be for future discussion. Charles motioned that they accept the Goshen General Master Plan, Randy seconds, all in favor. 5. Cemetery Ordinance discussion and possible action- JC holds a seat on the cemetery board, and they have come up with a policy and procedures for the Goshen Cemetery. It will be an ordinance, Ordinance #05012022. This ordinance will hold specifics on conduct and access, burials, decorations, headstones, and certificates and purchasing. Charles motions to pass, JC seconds, all in favor. 6. Review Preliminary Budget for fiscal year 2022-2023- Rachel mentioned that will the grants, and money received we will need to vote for the amendments for water project grants and fire department compensations. Specific amounts will be reflected in June's meeting, highlighting the recent grants awarded as well as the ones that we have gotten award letters for not yet received. **see attachments** The fire department had a check of approx 3000, that needs to be added from compensation of a fire they had worked on. Other items we will be looking at, Building permits, state grants-received, charges and services, cemetery, fire contracts, inspection fees, misc (covid) funds, employee wages in all of the sections, benefits, office expenses and other expenses under administration. Attorney fees will get to be adjusted, software support, Building inspections (throughout the entire category), Justice courts, contract services-police/animal control. Others will include operating revenue, garbage and landfill-take of country garbage and adjust for that not being used, and our Water capital outlay-need to account for checks that are printed and used for proof of payments. Back to agenda item #3- Lindsay said that Bruce said that Jesse and sunrise estimated the wrong measurement on the road. Steven acknowledged that was right its not 26' and will have that corrected for the bond estimate. She also noted that Bruce said it would be a huge cost to them, but willing to put in the gas line. Council revisited and looked for all amendments that needed to be corrected, to see if they were fixed, and if there was anything else to be done. The bond estimate will be amended to take out the extra asphalt. Randy mentioned that he would like to table this until all the paper work is done right, Alisha wants to as well. Further discussion about these amendments were had, it was mentioned that things need to be put into place, and fixed and not always making amendments can be the go to, to properly record the paperwork, it needs to be in and final with everything done or recording will have errors. Charles amends his motion that all paperwork, drawings, designs, and amended bond, sub the 15' remaining asphalt and include the gas line money into the bond. When all is done and approved and into effect this will be signed off. Charles motions with said amendments, JC seconds, all in favor. Board held discussion, and Lindsay called Bruce, they ultimately agreed to put the natural gas line in. Charles motions to approve with the modifications and that the bond be taken care of and handed in before signatures are signed. 7. Council Updates- No water rights updates Charles mentioned. Celebration meeting will be May 12th @7pm Steven gave a spring update, stating that we are collecting more water than ever from the spring. Four million water project, opening bids Thursday for this. Applied for a 1.4 million dollar grant from Utah County, and if we by chance do not get this, we will just adjust and get fire flow done to meet safety requirements. Garbage rates and face book comments, discussion on this lead to telling why and how this was raised $5 a month, and why the council made the decision to raise the rates per trash can. E. Adjournment- Charles motions, JC seconds, all in favor. **REOPEN MEETING** Make correction on agenda, amend date 5th to 9th! And also, next council meeting will be changed to June 7th @ 7pm. - Charles motions to re-adjourn, JC seconds, all in favor. Those in attendance: Steven and Jenny Staheli, Bruce Williams, Randy and Marcella Staheli, Randy Thomas, Alisha Williams, JC Reynolds, Rachel Pena, Magen Carlisle, Lindsay Farnsworth, Linda Thomas, Bobbie Palmer, and Charles Pipkin.
Notice of Special Accommodations (ADA)
Individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this hearing should notify the Town Office at 801-667-9910 two working days before this meeting
Notice of Electronic or Telephone Participation
Electronic or telephonic participation is not available for this meeting

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10 w main
po box 197
GOSHEN, UT 84633
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Goshen Town
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June 08, 2022 10:21 AM
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June 08, 2022 10:21 AM

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Town of Goshen Council Meeting MINUTES 05102022.doc Meeting Minutes 2022/06/08 10:21 AM


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