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April 26, 2022 10:00 AM
UTAH DEPARTMENT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL PLEASE NOTE: The anchor location for this meeting is 4315 South 2700 West, Taylorsville. In consideration of public health and safety, we are offering this as a 'hybrid' meeting with in-person and virtual attendance. We encourage members of the public that are not actively participating in the commission meeting to join by audio. If you have any questions about the format of this meeting, please contact Vickie Ashby at 801-977-6801. Public attendance is available by audio: Phone: 1-346-248-7799 Meeting ID: 848 0036 6615 Passcode: 77002262 Commission Meeting Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - 10:00 a.m. 4315 South 2700 West, Taylorsville, Utah [Commissioners may participate virtually] F I N A L A G E N D A 1. CALL MEETING TO ORDER - THOMAS N. JACOBSON, CHAIRMAN. 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. (Cori Price) 3. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE COMMISSION MEETINGS: [action item] - March 24, 2022 Special Commission Meeting - March 29, 2022 Commission Meeting - April 4, 2022 Special Commission Meeting 4. ANNOUNCEMENTS: a. Proposed Future Meeting Schedule: (subject to change) - Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - Tuesday, June 28, 2022 b. Public Comments: - Those wishing to comment on this meeting may email hotline@utah.gov . Comments will be addressed at the end of the meeting. c. Liquor Transport License Renewals: - Monday, May 2, 2022 Deadline for filing all renewal materials and paying fees. 5. FINANCIAL UPDATE. (Sean Williford) 6. PARENTS EMPOWERED UPDATE. (Doug Murakami) 7. VIOLATIONS: *Referral Source - State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), Salt Lake Police Department (SLPD) a. Consent Calendar: (Sheila Page) [action item] [The following Consent Calendar items include uncontested letters of admonishment (written warnings) and settlement agreements that have been agreed to and accepted by the licensees. They are considered as a block with one vote unless one of the commissioners requests that any item be removed for individual discussion.] (1) Kickin Seafood, Layton *SBI (RL) (2) Epic Casual Dining, Midvale and Delaney *SBI (RE) Candland (employee). (3) Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill, West Jordan *SBI (RE) and Elizabeth Villamizer (employee). (4) Wasatch Bagel & Grill, Park City and *SBI (RE) Lorena Flores (employee). (5) Lucky #339, Tooele and Erica Anderson *SBI (OP) (employee). (6) Holystone Distilling, Salt Lake City and *SBI (MD) Kristopher Mauro (employee). (7) Rumba Night Club, Kearns. *SBI (BAR) (8) Caf Madrid, Salt Lake City and Jose Brito- *SBI (RE) Dellan (employee). (9) Bandit's American Grill, Salt Lake City and *SBI (RE) Patrick Wilson (employee). (10) Quality Quik Stop, Tooele and Ronald *SBI (OP) Jensen (employee). (11) Copper Miner Saloon, Magna. *SBI (BAR) (12) La Fountain, Salt Lake City and Paulina *SBI (RE) Alvarez (employee). (13) O Crab, West Jordan and Shauna Matheny *SBI (RE) (employee). (14) Buffalo Wild Wings, Midvale and Markus *SBI (RE) Bandeirs (employee). (15) Eva, Salt Lake City and Catherine *SBI (RE) Worsham (employee). (16) Javier's Chaparritos, Harrisville and *SBI (RB) Guadalupe Lomeli (employee). (17) Itto Sushi, Midvale and Mira Kim (employee) *SBI (RL) (18) Kohinoor, Orem and Lumy Torres *SBI (RL) (employee). (19) Ichiban Sushi and Asian Bistro, Heber and *SBI (RL) Liwei Ren (employee). (20) Ridley's Family Market #1171, Midway and *SBI (OP) Gabriella Velazquez (employee). (21) Red Lobster, Murray and Jong Won *SBI (RE) (employee). (22) Silver Star Caf , Park City and Courtney *SBI (RE) Cole (employee). (23) Shake Shack, Murray and Aaron Sullivan *SBI (RL) (employee). (24) The Break Sports Grill, West Valley and *SBI (BAR) Mathew Draper (employee). (25) Walgreens #15623, Salt Lake City and *SBI (OP) Melissa Sorenson (employee). (26) Kobe Sushi, West Jordan STRIKE (27) Walmart #4706, Magna and Autumn *SBI (OP) Gardner (employee). (28) Goodwood BBQ, Draper and Samantha *SBI (RE) Cuapas (employee). (29) Historic Place, Ogden and Amber Fain *SBI (BAR) (employee). (30) Hideout Steakhouse, Heber and Aaron *SBI (RL) Evans (employee). (31) Plain City Confectionary, Ogden and *SBI (TV) Velvet Anderson (employee). (32) Foothill One Stop, Logan and Layne *SBI (OP) Andrews (employee). (33) La Fountain, Tooele and Monica Almeida *SBI (RB) (employee). (34) Ganesh Indian Cuisine, Park City and Sai *SBI (RL) Ramana (employee). (35) Asado, Orem and Karen Hernandez *SBI (RL) (employee). (36) Brio Italian Grille (City Creek), Salt Lake *SBI (RE) City and Kyle Wocel (employee). (37) Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, Salt Lake *SBI (RL) City and Lucas Palmer (employee). (38) Historic Place, Ogden and Jalessa Barnes *SBI (RL) (employee). b. Hearing: (Jeff Buckner) [action item] (1) Cheers To You, Salt Lake City. (BAR) 8. REQUEST FOR CHANGE FROM WINTER SEASONAL TO SUMMER SEASONAL LICENSE: (Craig Warr) [action item] a. Red Pine Caf , Park City. (RE) 9. REQUEST FOR SECOND SUBLICENSE LOCATION FOR HOTEL LICENSE: (Erin Hinkel) [action item] a. The Homestead Resort, Midway. - Golf Grill (RE) (Conditional) 10. EXTENDED CLOSURE REQUESTS: [action items] a. Circle Inn Pizzeria, Clearfield. (BAR) (Bonnie Bills) (requesting until the May meeting) b. Triple Peaks, Ogden. (BAR) (Nicole Hall) (requesting until the April meeting) c. Soundwell, Salt Lake City. (BAR) (Rob Hansen) (requesting until June meeting) d. Royal Bar, Salt Lake City. (BAR) (Nicole Tarleton) (requesting until the May meeting) e. Porter's Smokehouse & Grill, Springdale. (RE) (Jeremy Sommerlath) (requesting until May meeting) 11. LOCAL INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVE APPLICANT: (Anita Knowley) [action item] a. Norte Imports, Salt Lake City. STRIKE 12. RELIGIOUS PERMIT APPLICANT: (Anita Knowley) [action item] a. St. Xenia Orthodox Christian Church, Payson. STRIKE 13. MANUFACTURE DISTILLERY APPLICANT: (Jeff Colvin) [action item] a. Robbers Roost Distillery, Torrey. 14. MANUFACTURE WINERY APPLICANT: (Jeff Colvin) [action item] a. Scion Cider, Salt Lake City. 15. OFF-PREMISE BEER RETAILER APPLICANTS: (Stephne Hanson) [action items] New Applicants: (1) Ocean Mart Wholesale, Ogden. (2) Hernandez Market, Salt Lake City. (3) La Monzanita Market, West Valley City. (Conditional) (4) AM 2 PM, Sandy. (5) Harmon's Daybreak, South Jordan. 16. LICENSE APPLICATIONS: *Information on License Transfers can now be found on the Utah Public Notice Website. [Issues highlighted in light blue are explained on the corresponding spreadsheet. Issues highlighted in yellow require an in-depth explanation.] a. License Transfer Applications: (Margaret Hardie) [action items] Full Transfers: (1) The Royal Bar, Murray. DBA: The Break Sports Grill STRIKE (2) Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel, SLC DBA: Sheraton Salt Lake City Hotel, Salt Lake City. (HL) (Conditional) (3) Manny's Again, Salt Lake City DBA: Manny's Neighborhood Bar, Salt Lake City. (BAR) (4) CMAE LLC DBA: Wing Nutz to Wing Nutz Ogden, LLC DBA: Wing Nutz, Ogden. (RE) Off-Premise Beer Transfers: (1) Moab Spanish Trails Shell to DBA: Shell Moab, Moab. (2) Excel Convenience Stores to Jackson's Food Stores DBA: Extra Mile #238, Roy. b. Bar Establishment Applicants: (Nicole Hall) [action items] Ready to operate: (1) Fenice Mediterranean Bistro, Salt Lake City. (will surrender full restaurant license) (violation pending) (2) Wasatch Loft & Tap Room Bar, Park City. (winter seasonal) (requesting full year license) (violation history) (3) Roha Brewing Project, Salt Lake City. (4) Shades Tap Room, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (currently has a tavern license, will surrender if approved) (5) Durango Bar, Salt Lake City. (currently have a tavern license; will surrender tavern license if approved). Projected Future Opening: (1) Quarters Sugar House, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening May 2022) (2) Franklin Ave Cocktail & Kitchen, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening May 2022). (3) Paxton Pub, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening May 15, 2022) (4) The Spoke, Moab. (Conditional) (projected opening June 2022) (5) Edison House, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening June 2022) (6) Woodbine Hospitality, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening June 1, 2022) (7) Proper Brewing Moab Taphouse, Moab. (Conditional) (projected opening August 2022) (8) Marquis, Park City. (Conditional) (projected opening July 2022). (9) Bout Time Pub & Grub, Bluffdale. (Conditional) (projected opening October 2022) (10) Bout Time Pub & Grub, Saratoga Springs. (Conditional) (projected opening October 2022) (11) Aker Restaurant & Lounge, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (projected opening October 2022) c. Full Service Restaurant Applicants: (Bonnie Bills) [action items] New Applicants: (1) Adria's Restaurant, Kanab. (Conditional) (2) Urban Hill, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (3) Neutral Ground, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (4) Nomo, Salt Lake City. (5) Chili's Grill & Bar, Saratoga Springs. STRIKE (6) Winger's, West Jordan. (Conditional) (currently has a restaurant beer license, will surrender on 4/26 if approved) d. Limited Service Restaurant Applicants: (Cori Price) [action items] New Applicants: (1) The Deli, Duck Creek Village. (Conditional) (2) Mandarin Garden Weng, Logan. (Conditional) (3) Schulz's Lakeside Dining, Panguitch. (Conditional) (4) Yoko Taco, Salt Lake City. (5) Ombu Hotpot, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (6) Mountain Mikes Pizza, Spanish Fork. (Conditional) (7) Rock Reef Caf , Torrey. (Conditional) (8) Matt Curry Steakhouse, Vernal. (Conditional) (9) Mr. Fries Man, West Jordan. (Conditional) e. On-Premise Beer Recreational Amenity Applicants: (Mike Bishop) [action items] Previous Applicant: (1) Soundwell, Salt Lake City. STRIKE New Applicants: (1) Davis Park Caf , Bountiful. (2) Levy Premium Foodservice Limited, Herriman. (3) Old Mill Caf , Holladay. (4) Par 5 Grill, Layton. (5) Wasatch Golf Caf , Midway. (6) Happy Camper Deli @ Forestdale G.C, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (7) Happy Camper Deli @ Nibley G.C., Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (8) Happy Camper Deli @ Bonneville G.C., Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (9) Happy Camper Deli @ Rose Park G.C., Salt Lake City. (Conditional) (10) Happy Camper Deli @ Glendale G.C., Salt Lake City. (Conditional) f. On-Premise 'Tavern' Applicant: (Mike Bishop) [action item] New Applicant: (1) Evo Hotel, Salt Lake City. (Conditional) g. Package Agency Applicants: (Jeff Colvin): [action items] (1) Robbers Roost Distillery, Torrey. (Type 5) (2) Type 2 & Type 3 Package Agencies (3-year contract beginning 7/1/2022) a) Package Agency Contract Operator Applicants: (1) Beaver, Beaver PA 139 (Type 3) (2) Boulder, Boulder PA 433 (Type 2) (3) Brian Head, Brian Head - Apple Annie, PA 136 (Type 2) (4) Bryce Canyon, Bryce Canyon PA 198 (Type 2) (5) Castledale, Castledale PA 138 (Type 3) (6) Centerfield, Tippers & Sippers PA 476 (Type 3) (7) Coalville, Coalville PA 112 (Type 3) (8) Delta, Delta PA 135 (Type 3) (9) Duchesne, Duchesne PA 313 (Type 3) (10) Eden, Eden Outpost Spirits PA 369 (Type 3) (11) Ephraim, Ephraim PA 432 (Type 3) (12) Escalante, Escalante PA 271 (Type 2) (13) Eureka, Taylor's General Store PA 379 (Type 2) (14) Fillmore, Fillmore PA 359 (Type 3) (15) Garden City, Mike's Market PA 456 (Type 2) (16) Green River, Green River PA 282 (Type 2) (17) Helper, Helper PA 326 (Type 3) (18) Kamas, Kamas Foodtown PA 348 (Type 3) (19) Kanab, Kanab PA 123 (Type 3) (20) Lake Powell, Lake Powell-Bullfrog PA 115 (Type 2) (21) Midvale, Midvale PA 147 (Type 3) (22) Milford, Milford PA 144 (Type 3) (23) Monticello, Monticello Liquor Outlet PA 129 (Type 3) (24) Morgan, Morgan Liquor PA 392 (Type 3) (25) Mt. Pleasant, R.I.M. Liquors PA475 (Type 3) (26) Nephi, Nephi PA 137 (Type 3) (27) Parowan, Parowan PA 106 (Type 3) (28) Payson, Taylor's General Store PA 393 (Type 3) (29) Richfield, Taylor's Richfield PA 445 (Type 3) (30) Richmond, Richmond PA 429 (Type 3) (31) Roosevelt, Roosevelt PA 323 (Type 3) (32) Salina, Salina PA 120 (Type 3) (33) Springdale, Springdale Switchback, PA 122 (Type 3) (34) Sunnyside, Sunnyside Miner's Trading, PA 284 (Type 2) (35) Torrey, Kindred Spirits, PA 150 (Type 3) (36) Tremonton, Tremonton PA 405 (Type 3) 17. OPERATIONS UPDATE. (Tiffany Clason/Cade Meier) 18. COMMENTS FROM COMMISSIONERS AND PUBLIC. a. 9.5 New Bar Establishment Licenses. 19. ADJOURN. INDIVIDUALS NEEDING LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES SHOULD CONTACT VICKIE ASHBY AT (801) 977-6800 AT LEAST THREE WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE MEETING.
Notice of Special Accommodations (ADA)
Notice of Electronic or Telephone Participation
Public attendance is available by audio: Phone: 1-346-248-7799 Meeting ID: 848 0036 6615 Passcode: 77002262

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4315 South 2700 West
Taylorsville, UT
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April 22, 2022 02:12 PM
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May 24, 2022 01:43 PM

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