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Emigration Canyon Metro Township:
Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council

Entity: Emigration Canyon Metro Township

Body: Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council

Subject: Townships

Notice Title: Agenda

Notice Type: Meeting

Event Start Date & Time: July 16, 2020 07:00 PM


Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council
Staff/Public Meeting Agenda

JULY 16, 2020
7:00 PM

Virtual Meeting Via Zoom

The Public May Attend Meetings
The Meeting May Be Closed for Reasons Allowed by Statute

Pursuant to Utah Code 52-4-202 the undersigned, as Chair of the Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council, hereby declares that providing an anchor location for the electronic meetings of the Council will present a substantial risk to the health and safety of those who may be present at the anchor location for the following reasons:
	The Township is located in Salt Lake County and is still under an 'Yellow' alert stage for the Covid 19 pandemic; and
	The regular meeting place for the Council (the Fire Station in the Canyon) does not have sufficient space in the meeting room to provide for the recommended physical distancing to keep people safe from infection.

Upon request with three working days' notice, the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District will provide free auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals (including sign language interpreters, alternative formats, etc.). For assistance, please call 385-468-7130 - TTY 711.

The Public is Invited and Welcome to Attend the Staff Meeting


7:00	1.	Agenda Items (Discussion)

7:05	2.	Emigration Canyon Metro Township General Plan Update (Discussion) - Kate Davies

7:20	3.	COVID-19 Update (Discussion)

7:30	4.	CARES Act Funding (Discussion)

7:40	5.	Public Communication Training (Discussion)

7:55	6.	Hiring of New Legal Counsel (Discussion)

8:05	7.	Road Paving Update (Discussion)

8:15	8.	Rocky Mountain Power (Discussion)	


1.	Welcome and Determine Quorum:

	Joe Smolka, Mayor
		Jennifer Hawkes, Deputy Mayor
		David Brems, Council Member
		Gary Bowen, Council Member 
		Catherine Harris, Council Member
	2.	Pledge of Allegiance	

	3.	Recognize Visiting Officials

	4.	Public Hearing: None
	5.	Community Input:

8:25		5.1	Citizen Comment: 

(Individuals wishing to comment must access the meeting using the link above by the beginning of the 'Citizen Comment' period. If an individual is unable to attend the meeting, they may email their comments to to have them read into the record. )

			(a)	Please provide name and address for the record
			(b) 	Comments are limited to 3 minutes per person
8:35		5.2	Emigration Canyon Community Council Report - Bill Toby
8:40		5.3	Unified Police Department - Officer Jake Elsasser 
8:45		5.4	Unified Fire Authority - Captain Michael Conn 
	6.	Council Business:

8:50		6.1	Flood Ordinance (Motion/Discussion)

9:00		6.2	Independent Road Audit (Motion/Discussion)

9:10		6.3	CARES Act Funding (Motion/Discussion)

9:20		6.4	Encroachment Agreement Between Emigration Canyon Metro Township and Merrick 				Wright(Motion/Discussion)

9:30		6.4	Legal Issues (Motion/Discussion) - David Church 

9:40		6.5	Budget Items:

			(a)	Approval of Expenditures (Motion/Discussion) 

9:45		6.6	Approval of Minutes

			(a)	May 28, 2020
	7.	Council Member Reports:

9:50		7.1	Council Member Brems 

			(a)   	Unified Police Department & Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area
			(b)  	Emigration Canyon Metro Township Planning Commission		

9:55		7.2	Council Member Bowen 

			(a)   	Unified Fire Authority & Unified Fire Service Area	
			(b)  	Salt Lake County Animal Services Advisory Board
10:00		7.3	Council Member Harris

			(a)   	Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District 

10:05		7.4	Council Member Hawkes 
			(a)	Website
			(b)	CodeRED

10:10		7.5	Mayor Smolka 

			(a)	Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (GLSMSD)
	8.	Other Announcements:

	9.	Closed Session per Utah Code ยง52-4-205 

	10.	Future Metro Township Council Agenda Items:

	10.1	Noise Ordinance

	10.2	Night Sky Ordinance

	10.3	Code Enforcement

	10.4	Envision Utah Planning Presentation to Metro Township Council and Planning Commission

	10.5	Public Works Engineering Services Presentation

	10.6	Parks and Recreation Services Presentation

	10.7	Wastewater Steering Committee

	10.8	General Plan

		10.9	Emergency Operations Plan

		10.10	Community Block Grant

		10.11	Removal of Jersey Barriers

	11.	Motion to Adjourn Meeting

Notice of Special Accommodations:

Upon request with three working day's notice, Salt Lake County will provide free auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals (including sign language interpreters, alternative formats, etc.). For assistance, please call (385) 468-7130 - TTY 711. The Public May Attend. Meetings May Be Closed For Reasons Allowed By Statute.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:


Other Information

This notice was posted on: July 15, 2020 06:07 PM
This notice was last edited on: July 16, 2020 10:40 PM

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Cathrine Harris (000)000-0000
Gary Bowen (801)582-6909
David Brems (385)240-1400
Joe Smolka (801)560-3543
Jennifer Hawkes (385)240-1400

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