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Uintah County School District:
Board of Education

Entity: Uintah County School District

Body: Board of Education

Subject: Education

Notice Title: Work Session

Notice Type: Meeting

Event Start Date & Time: November 11, 2020 04:00 PM


November 11, 2020

USD Board Work Session/Business Meeting

721 West 100 South
Vernal, Utah

The Board of Education may vote to convene in Closed Session, which will be closed to the public, pursuant to Utah Code sections 52-4-204 through 206.

There is a possibility that one or more Board Members may participate in the meeting electronically or by telephone.

4:00 p.m. WORK SESSION

Work Session Purpose: The purpose of the board work session is for the board and district administration to discuss and review issues dealing with school district business. This is a meeting held in the public, but public input is not held during this meeting. There are other meetings designed for public participation, questions, and comment. Patrons wishing to address the board on school district issues will be able to do so according to school district policy governing public input during board meetings. (002.0720 PUBLIC APPEARANCES AT BOARD MEETINGS). 

1.	Welcome / Called to Order
2.	Reverence
3.	Leadership Governance
     A.	Book Study, Chapter 11 of Coming to Order, Evaluating the School Board Meeting - Dave Chivers
4.	Policy Revisions
     A.	Policy 007.0135 Immunization second reading - Julie Wilde. Student Services Director
     B.	Policy 007.0615 Extracurricular Activity Travel second reading - Julie Wilde
     C.	Policy 004.0230 Teacher and Student Success Act second reading - Jason Johnson, Business Administrator
     D.	Policy 010.0020 Community Use of School Facilities first and second reading - Jason Johnson
     E.	Policy 005.0200 Hiring Policy first reading - Rick Johnson, Human Resource Director
     F.	Policy 005.0250 Criminal Background Checks and Reporting Requirements for Employees and Volunteers first reading - Rick Johnson
5.	Discuss Issues Requiring Future Board Action
     A.	Minutes (October 7, 2020 Work Session; October 7, 2020 Impact Aid Meeting; October 7, 2020 Business Meeting) - Jason Johnson
     B.	Audit Review and Approval - Jason Johnson
C.	Purchases Over $50,000 - Jason Johnson
6.	Informational Items
     A.	Central Cove Preschool Building Presentation - KMA Architects
     B.	Holiday Gift Certificates - Jason Johnson
     C.	October 1st Enrollment - Jason Johnson
     D.	School Social Work Update - Mindy Merrell, Support Services Director
     E.        Letter to Governor - Dr. Rick Woodford, Superintendent.
     F.        Update: Evaluation of the USD Reopening Plan - Dr. Rick Woodford

Notice of Special Accommodations:

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during board meetings should notify Phyllis Elgiar at 635 West 200 South, Vernal, Utah, or call 781-3100 ext 1001, at least five (5) days prior to the meeting. The Uintah School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, in admission or access to, or treatment of, employment or in its educational programs or activities. Inquiries may be referred to Rick Johnson, at 635 West 200 South, Vernal, Utah, 781-3100 ext. 1005.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

There is a possibility that one or more Board Members may participate electronically or by telephone.

Other Information

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