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Oakley City Council

Entity: Oakley

Body: Oakley City Council

Subject: Other

Notice Title: City Council Agenda 11-13-2019

Notice Type: Notice

Event Start Date & Time: November 13, 2019 06:00 PM


1.   Call to order and roll call

2.   Preliminary Items
      A.  Welcome and Introductions
      B.  Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer
      C.  Approval of Minutes 
      D. Public Input for items not on the agenda or pending applications									
3. New Business
A.	Jeffrey Jones to provide update on 2020 Census Update   
B.	Renewing contract with Municode 
C.	Oakley Christmas Lighting and Holiday Celebration 
D.	Public hearing for Oakley Pasture Subdivision Preliminary Plat Approval - Possible approval
E.	Oakley Complex Indoor and Outdoor Arena Fee Schedule - Possible action
a.	Amendments to the existing fee schedule 
b.	Other possible policy changes
F.	Staff Updates: 
a.	Amy Rydalch, City Planner, on Branca Property and derelict property located at 5930 North Triple Crown Trail, Maple Ridge Ranches
b.	Abigail Morrison, City Recorder, on Water Fees

4. Closed session to discuss Oakley City Hiring needs

5.   Regular Business
      A.  Council and Department Reports
1.	Report and Approval of Bills Paid
2.	Water
3.	Sewer-Update on Treatment Facility
4.	Roads and Transportation
5.	Planning and Zoning
6.	Building Permits
7.	Parks and Recreation-Budget for Recreation Complex
8.	Buildings and Grounds
9.	City Property and Trust Lands
10.	Economic Development
       B.  Mayor and Administrative Report
       C.  Financial Upcoming Events, Planning and Scheduling
       D.  Standing Committee Reports and Appointments

Notice of Special Accommodations:

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, Individuals needing special accommodations for this meeting should notify Abigail Morrison at 435-783-5734 or 960 W. Center St. Oakley, Utah 84055, at least 24 hours before this meeting.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:


Other Information

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