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Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District:
Board of Trustees

Entity: Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District

Body: Board of Trustees

Subject: Local Districts

Notice Title: Board of Trustees Meeting

Notice Type: Meeting

Event Start Date & Time: June 26, 2019 06:00 PM

Event End Date & Time: June 26, 2019 08:00 PM


1.	Call to Order-Joe Smolka, Chair

2.	Pledge of Allegiance

3.	Public Comments (up to 3 minutes each)

4.	Presentation of the MSD's 2018 independent audit and financial statements (Discussion)-Cathy Jensen, CFO; and Ron Stewart, Gilbert and Stewart CPAs (15 minutes)

5.	Update on 2019 schedule of major road maintenance projects (Discussion)-Kevyn Smeltzer, Director, Public Works Operations (10 minutes)

6.	Legislative update on state tax reform discussions (Discussion and Possible Action)-Mark Anderson, Legal Counsel (10 minutes)

7.	Employee benefits and transition matters (Discussion and Possible Action)- Bart Barker, GM; and Cathy Jensen, CFO 

     a.	Consideration of proposal to delay the County-MSD transition date from August 31, 2019, to September 30, 2019 (Discussion and Possible Action)-Bart Barker, GM (10 minutes)

     b.	Consideration of the new employee probation period for County employees hired by the MSD (Discussion and Possible Action)-Bart Barker, GM; and Cathy Jensen, CFO (10 minutes)

8.	Consideration of the possible cancellation of the second July MSD Board Meeting or a date change to July 31 (Discussion & Possible Action)-Bart Barker, GM (5 minutes)

9.	Discussion of future agenda items (Discussion)-Board of Trustees and Staff (5 minutes)

10.	Other Metro Township, Unincorporated County Community Councils and Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District business (Discussion)

11.	Adjourn

Anticipated meeting duration: 1:05 minutes

Notice of Special Accommodations:

Upon request with three working days' notice, Salt Lake County will provide free auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals (including sign language interpreters, alternative etc.). For assistance, please call (385) 468-7500 - TTY 711.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

Members of the Board may partiicpate electronically.

Other Information

This notice was posted on: June 24, 2019 06:49 PM
This notice was last edited on: January 23, 2020 03:24 PM

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Dan Peay (801)209-9407
Kelly Bush (801)654-2123
Sean Clayton (801)615-3900
Paulina Flint (801)571-5257
Ina Oviatt (385)468-6703
Joe Smolka (801)560-3543
Max Burdick (385)468-7459
Bart Barker (385)468-6709
Keith Zuspan (801)652-0692

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