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Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District:
MGSID Board of Trustees

Entity: Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District

Body: MGSID Board of Trustees

Subject: Sewage Public Meetings

Notice Title: MGSID Board Meeting, Wed., May 1, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

Notice Type: Notice, Meeting

Event Start Date & Time: May 1, 2019 06:30 PM

Event End Date & Time: May 1, 2019 08:30 PM



5455 West Old Highway Road, Mountain Green, Utah
Agenda for Wednesday, May 1, 2019
Board of Trustees Meeting starting at 6:30 PM
Meeting to be held in Open Public and Closed Sessions
The Board may choose to go into a Closed Session at any time by making a motion and
public announcement, and then achieving a 2/3 vote approval with recordation of votes. 

A.	Call to Order
B.	Prayer
C.	Approval of Agenda
D.	Declaration of Conflicts of Interest
E.	Approval of Minutes - April 3, 2019 
F.	Next Board Meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2019 at 6:30 PM.
G.	Public Comment Period

1)	Declaration of Conflict of Interest regarding RFP responses 
a.	A conflict of Interest Statement regarding the current RFP and vendor submissions (see attached) has been prepared for the Board Members.

2)	Chair & Vice-Chair sign Employee Handbook approved April 3, 2019
3)	 Kent Wilkerson Conflict of Interest Declaration - Monte Verde Lift Station
a.	Kent Wilkerson is contracted with the District as an advisor for our engineering services but he is also working with Val Poll on the possible relocation of the Monte Verde lift station to accommodate development of the Poll property.  This could be viewed as a conflict of interest and he wanted the Board to be advised.

4)	Financial Assistance Request (Manager report) / Review Form
5)	 1st Bank account changes
a.	Larry Nance notified the Manager that 1st bank has new interest bearing business checking accounts available that can have a minimum balance of $1,500.  Our current checking accounts with 1st Bank require a minimum balance of $2,500.
b.	On 4/15/2019 the Manager met with the bank representative to review the requirements and then changed all three 1st bank accounts over to the interest bearing checking accounts that pay .01% APR with a minimum required balance of $1,5000.

6)	Select Trustee to act as RFP Independent Cost Analyst 
a.	Item requested by Board Member at April meeting. 

7)	Part-time personnel job descriptions
a.	Requested by Chairman - see attachment

8)	 Review Wage Increase Intervals on the Wage Step Plan 
a.	Review the two different time intervals for wage increases listed at the bottom of the current Wage Step Plan.  The Manager has suggested removing the separate tier for part-time employees and reference only the first tier for all employees so there is just one interval table.

9)	Retirement Program for Long Term Part-Time Personnel
a.	Item requested by Board Member at April meeting.
10)	 Process and Forms to join the Utah Retirement System (URS) 
a.	On April 3, 2019 the MGSID Board approved the new MGSID Employee Handbook which included section 6.5 Retirement - Join the URS
b.	The Board should now proceed with all the application process to join the URS and start the program with the same effective date as the Handbook Approval.  
c.	Attached is a folder containing all URS application document requirements: 
i.	MGSID Resolution Authorizing Participation (Agenda Item #8)
ii.	Utah Retirement Systems Qualifying Application (Required Form)
iii.	Salary & Benefits Summary (Required Form)
iv.	Defined Contribution Service Agreement (Required Form)
v.	Personnel Authorization Agreement (Required Form)
vi.	Electronic Trading Partner Agreement (Required Form) 
11)	 Resolution 190501-A Requesting Admission To The URS
a.	Per the URS the Board is required to pass a resolution Requesting Admission to the Utah Public Employees' Retirement System (attached).											
12)	 Resolution 190501-B Annual MWPP Report Review 
a.	The Board should review and approve the Municipal Wastewater Planning Annual Report then approve Resolution 190501-B (attached) which is due to the state by May 31, 2019.

13)	 Inspection camera and equipment purchase 
a.	Board approval to purchase Inspection Camera and equipment (attached)

14)	 Monthly Auditor's Report
a.	The March 2019 monthly audit report will be given by the Vice-Chair.

15)	 Robert create master task list by month and add to each manager's report

16)	 Add suggested time frames for each agenda item 

17)	 Monthly training in board meetings (govern / manage, Roberts Rules)

18)	 Post board meeting documents in Google Docs instead of hard copies 

19)	 Election Information Request / Update

20)	 Manager's Report
a.	The March 2019 Manager's Report will be presented at the Board Meeting 
21)	 New Business
a.	Recommended Agenda Items for the June 6, 2019 meeting.
b.	Questions for Staff?
22)	 Motion to Adjourn

Notice of Special Accommodations:

Our building is ADA accessible with ADA parking, ramp access, single level, large bathroom.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

Our facility is not set up to support electronic participation during meetings.

Other Information

This notice was posted on: April 29, 2019 02:47 PM
This notice was last edited on: April 29, 2019 02:47 PM
Deadline Date: May 1, 2019 01:00 AM

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Richard S. Kempton (801)885-2545
Zane Gray (801)876-2544
Lannie Jolley (801)644-8776
Larry Nance (915)549-3372
Robert C. Woodcock (502)310-9943
Mark Ray (801)389-5616

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