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Salt Lake City:
Planning Commission

Entity: Salt Lake City

Body: Planning Commission

Subject: Property

Notice Title: November 12, 2014 Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

Notice Type: Notice, Meeting, Hearing

Event Start Date & Time: November 12, 2014 05:30 PM

Event End Date & Time: November 12, 2014 11:59 PM


In Room 326 of the City & County Building 
451 South State Street
Wednesday, November 12, 2014, at 5:30 p.m.
(The order of the items may change at the Commission’s discretion.)

The field trip is scheduled to leave at 4:00 p.m. 
Dinner will be served to the Planning Commissioners and Staff at 5:00 p.m. in Room 126 of the City and County Building.  During the dinner break, the Planning Commission may receive training on city planning related topics, including the role and function of the Planning Commission.


Administrative Matters
1.	Ball Park Apartments Planned Development at approximately 1380 S West Temple - A request by Rusty Snow, Ball Park Apartments LP, for approval from the City to eliminate the rear yard setback and develop affordable senior housing comprised of 62 dwelling units and 36 parking stalls at the above listed address.  Currently the land is vacant and the property is zoned R-MU Residential Mixed Use.  This type of project must be reviewed as a Planned Development.  The subject property is within Council District 5, represented by Erin Mendenhall. (Staff contact: Michael Maloy at (801)535-7118 or Case number PLNSUB2014-00570

2.	Sugar House Townhomes Planned Development and Preliminary Subdivision at approximately 2204 S 800 East - A request by Wayne Corbridge, representing Sego Homes, for approval from the City to develop a 4-unit attached single-family (“townhome”) development at the above listed address. The applicant is requesting to modify the requirement that the proposed lots have street frontage, modifications to setbacks and lot size standards. The purpose of these modifications is to align the homes so that they face the Sugar House Streetcar Greenway. This type of project requires Planned Development and Preliminary Subdivision approval. The property is zoned RMF-35, Moderate Density Multi-family Residential, and is currently occupied by a vacant single-family residence. The subject property is within Council District 7, represented by Lisa Adams. (Staff contact: Daniel Echeverria at (801) 535-7165 or Case numbers PLNSUB2014-00439/00441

3.	Office Building Planned Development at approximately 705 East 900 South  -  A request by Rob White, Sugar House Architects, representing the property owner, GRW Holdings, for Planned Development approval to construct a new two story commercial office building located at the above listed address.  The subject property is zoned SNB (Small Neighborhood Business).  An office building is a permitted use in this zone; however the applicant is seeking a relaxation of development standards related to building setbacks, building height, roof form, and perimeter and parking lot landscaping.  The subject property is located in City Council District 4, represented by Luke Garrott. (Staff Contact: Lex Traughber at (801) 535-6184 or Case number PLNPCM2014-00644

4.	Ken Garff Planned Development at approximately 525 South State Street - A Request by Curtis Miner for a planned development located at the above listed address. The proposal is to create a unified auto dealership complex with multiple automobile showrooms with cross access easements for the entire site and includes a request for modification to the landscaping and signage requirements of the zoning ordinance. The proposed site is located in the D-2 Downtown District and is located within Council District 4, represented by Luke Garrott. (Staff contact: Doug Dansie at (801) 535-6182 or Case number PLNSUB2014-00522

5.	The Seasons at Library Square Apartments (phase 2) Planned Development at approximately 324 and 332 East 500 South  - Akbar Matinkhah requests approval from the City to develop phase two of the Seasons at Library Square apartments located at the above address. Specifically, the applicant seeks approval to modify the building setbacks and building coverage limits of phase 2. Currently the land is occupied by a commercial building and requires larger building setbacks because the property is in a different zoning district than phase one. This type of project must be reviewed as a Planned Development. The subject property is within Council District 4 represented by Luke Garrott (Staff contact: Casey Stewart at (801)535-6260 or Case number PLNSUB2014-00596

6.	AT&T Rooftop Antennas at approximately 115 South 1100 East (Arlington Place Apartments) – A request by AT&T for  new wireless antennas located on the rooftop of the Arlington Place Apartments at the above listed address. All equipment cabinets are proposed to be installed in an existing storage room in the parking garage. This project is located in the RMF-45 (Moderate/High Density Multifamily Residential) zoning district, in the University Historic District and in City Council 4, represented by Luke Garrott. (Staff contact: Katia Pace, (801) 535-6354, or Case number PLNPCM2014-00178

Legislative Matters
7.	Assisted Living Facilities Text Amendment - A request by Salt Lake City’s Mayor Ralph Becker to analyze the appropriateness of amending the Land Use Table to allow Assisted Living Facilities in more zoning districts and to change the definition of Assisted Living Facilities to better reflect the State’s definition.  The proposed changes may affect sections 21A.33 Land Use Tables and 21A.62 Definitions. Related provisions of Title 21A-Zoning may also be amended as part of this petition. (Staff contact: Katia Pace at (801) 535-6354 or Case number PLNPCM2014-00388

Notice of Special Accommodations:

The City & County Building is an accessible facility. People with disabilities may make requests for reasonable accommodation, which may include alternate formats, interpreters, and other auxiliary aids and services. Please make requests at least two business days in advance. To make a request, please contact the Planning Office at 801-535-7757, or relay service 711.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

NOTICE OF POSSIBLE ELECTRONIC OR TELEPHONIC PARTICIPATION One or more members of the Planning Commission may participate electronically or telephonically pursuant to UCA 52-4-7.8.

Other Information

The files for the above items are available in the Planning Division offices, room 406 of the City and County Building. Please contact the staff planner for information, Visit the Planning Division’s website at for copies of the Planning Commission agendas, staff reports, and minutes. Staff Reports will be posted the Friday prior to the meeting and minutes will be posted two days after they are ratified, which usually occurs at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission. Planning Commission Meetings may be watched live on SLCTV Channel 17; past meetings are recorded and archived, and may be viewed at

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