Entity: Logan

Body: Library Board

Subject: Libraries
Notice Title: Library Board Meeting October 2011
Meeting Location: 255 N Main

Event Date & Time: October 11, 2011
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
                        LOGAN LIBRARY
11 OCTOBER 2011
5:30 PM

I.     Call to Order
II.    Approval of Minutes: 13 September 2011
III.   Call to the Public
     Any person wishing to comment on any item pertaining to services provided by the Logan Library may do so during this portion of the agenda.  The length of time allowed for speaking is left to the Board’s discretion.
IV.    Director’s Report
     A.  Review of the monthly statistical report
     B.  Jason Cornelius, 5 year service award
     C.  Conference Attendance Report: Jason Cornelius
     D.  "Gimlet" reference transaction tracking software
     E.  New Library Director orientation October 17th
     F.  Planning for this building and planning for the new 
V.     Board Business - Action Items
VI.    Board Business – Workshop Discussion Items
VII.   Board Member Reports
     A.  Budget: Gina Wickwar
         1.  2011-12 Budget Update
         2.  Other
     B.  Trust Fund: Dixie Poole
         1.  Online book sales
         2.  Ongoing book sales
         3.  Other
     C.  Advocacy and Legislation: Stacey Wright
         1.  Utah Library Association liaison work upcoming
         2.  Other
     D.  Board Policies: Joe Needham
         1.  Priorities for policy review?
         2.  Other
     E.  Public Relations: Nick Eastmond
         1.  Marketing Committee
         2.  Other
     F.  Long Range Planning: Chad Hutchings
         1.  Next item to review?
         2.  Other
VIII.  Adjournment
Notice of Special Accommodations: NA
Notice of Electronic or telephone participation: NA
Other information: Minutes from previous board meetings may be found at http://library.loganutah.org/information/board.cfm
Contact Information: Robert Shupe
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