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American Fork:
City Council

Entity: American Fork

Body: City Council

Subject: Other

Notice Title: American Fork City Council Public Hearing

Notice Type: Hearing

Event Start Date & Time: November 27, 2012 7:20 PM



Notice is hereby given that the American Fork City Council will hold a public hearing on November 27, 2012, in the City Hall, 31 North Church Street, commencing at 7:20 p.m. to receive public comment regarding the proposal to declare the following to be surplus and to be disposed of.

The following is hereby found to be surplus and to be disposed of.

From the Planning trailer
	1 – Large wood desk
	1 – Metal bookcase 4’ x 3’
	1 – Small GE refrigerator
	1 -  Hot/Cold water dispenser
	1 – Blue office chair (poor condition)
	1 – Black bookcase 5’ x 2 ½ ‘
	1 – Grey metal desk (poor condition)
	1 – Small wood laminate storage cabinet
	1 – Small wood laminate bookcase
	1 – Supplies cabinet 6’ x 5 ½ ‘
	1 – Metal desk with wood laminate top (Rod’s)
	1 – Black office chair
From Public Works
	1 – Xerox Phaser 8560
	1 – HP 1220 Deskjet
	1 – HP Laserjet 4M 
	1 – HP Laserjet 4I
	1 – HP Laserjet 4 (needs rollers)
Miscellaneous office equipment including:  pencil sharpener, paper cutter, paper trays, adding machine, desk organizer, stapler, etc.
Police Department Surplus Property Disposal List  11-14-12
	Case #		Property
	11AF07865	Black L-Shaped Bike Rack 
	10AF06211	DA-Lite ADDT59D Screen
	07AF10161	Misc Clothing, Misc Home Décor
	06AF01673	Black Plastic Bed Mount Tool Box
	06AF-9032	Motorized Scooter Tank Brand 
	11AF01941	Two Tool Boxes w/Concrete Tools
 			Central Pneumatic Air Compressor
 			Hitachi Circular Saw
 			Case w/Drill Bits
 			Jobsite Radio
 			Klein Metal Case w/Misc Screws
 			Ryobi 3/8" Drill
 			Allen 21 Piece Socket Set
 			Box Misc Tools
 			New Jonesway 18" Pipe Wrench
 			Two Star Wrenchs
 			Saw Blade
	Unknown	Sunbeam Grillmaster BBQ Grill
	Unknown	Ice Maker
	Unknown	Master Thermostate 150,000 Heater orange
	Unknown	Six Large Glass Doors 
	Unknown	Silver Metal Truck Bed Mount Tool Box
	Unknown	Blue Keller Ladder
	Unknown	Red Davidson Ladder
	Unknown	Team Machanic Two Ton Red Floor Jack
	10AF02978	Canvas Bag w/Misc Concrete Tools
	09af03817	16G Silver Ipod
 			Coby Mp-3 Player
 			Phillips MP-3 Player
 			80GB Black Ipod in case
 			Samsung Phone
	11AF00110	Blue Baby Stroller
	11AF10262	Huffy Cronbrook   Bike
	11AF08589	Huffy Mountain Bike 
	11AF09355	Mt Fury Road House Mountain Bike 
	11AF10775	Next  Power Climber
	11AF09650	Schwinn Mountain Bike
	11AF09512	Huffy Rock Ridge 21 Speed
	11AF10373	Next   BMX  Style Bike 
	11AF09426	X-Games   Moto Bike
	11AF08210	Schwinn   Sidewinder
	11AF08986	Nishik   Manityoba
	11AF08746	Schwinn   S-25
	12AF02674	Gemesis   Mountain Bike 
	12AF03215	Schwinn  Ranger Mountain Bike
	12AF03215	Schwinn  Trailway Mountain Bike
	12AF03020	Murray   Explorer 10 Gear Baja
	12af03434	Demtrox Centirx Beach Cruizer
	12AF03451	BMX  Bike
	12AF03427	Abyss  Childs Bike
	12AF03427	Mongoose Childs Bike 
	12AF04810	Next   All Terraine Shock
	12AF04985	Huffy  Nevada Mountain Bike
	12AF04999	Kick   Scooter
	12AF04999	Schwinn  Falcon  Mountain Bike
	12AF05328	Razor Back  Kick Scooter
	12AF05984	Huffy  Cranbrook  Bike 
	12AF05987	Huffy  Free Sporit Bike 

Copies of the proposal are on file in the City Administration Offices, 51 East Main Street, for public inspection.  All interested persons are invited to attend.

Dated this 19 day of November, 2012.

Richard M. Colborn
City Recorder

Notice of Special Accommodations:

Notice of Special Accommodations: THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN ALL CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS. If you need a special accommodation to participate in the City Council Meetings and Work Sessions, please call the City Recorder’s Office at least 3 working days prior to the meeting. (801-763-3000)

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation: This meeting may be held electronically to allow a Councilmember to participate.

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