Research and Data

The Commission works with policymakers, scholars, and public interest groups to design, execute, and disseminate research to better understand the economic issues affecting women and families in Utah.

Research Brief: Utah Women in Higher Education: A Progress Report, 2018

Online of a one-year study on the status of women’s education in Utah.

Utah Women in Higher education, 2000-2017 (Report)

Utah Women in Higher Education, 2000-2017 (Slideshow)

Study conducted by the Utah Women & Leadership Project and the Utah Women in the Economy Commission in order to analyse the state of women's education in the state of Utah.

Research Brief: The Status of Women in Utah: Economic Choices & Challenges, 2017

Results of a focus group study regarding the perceptions of Utah women on the Utah economy.

Women in the Economy Annual Report, 2016

Women in the Economy Annual Report, 2015

Status of Utah Women, 2014 Commission Report

These reports collectively address the issues facing the women of Utah and the response of the Women in the Economy Commission annually.