Current Proposed legislative bills supported by the WIEC

HB 148 Tax Revisions

This bill increases the general state sales and use tax rate and reduces the state sales and use tax rate on food and food ingredients.

The Commission supports this bill because it is intended to help low income, single income, and fixed income families. The average family would save approximately $90 per year.

HB164 Early Childhood Task Force

This bill creates the Early Childhood Task Force, which would focus on early learning in Utah for children under the age of 6 to recommend policy to improve kindergarten readiness.

The Commission supports this bill due to this Task Force aiming to build on work that has already been done on the topic and filling in gaps in the research.

HB283 - Workplace Protection Amendments

This bill amends the Utah Antidiscrimination Act to include businesses with fewer than 15 employees in both evidentiary hearings as well as state remedies for claims.

HB 319 Early Care and Coordination Amendments

This bill creates the Governor's Early Childhood Commission in the Department of Workforce Services and the Early Childhood Utah Advisory Council in the Department of Health.

HB278 Paid Medical Leave and Tax Credit

This bill creates a tax credit for employers offering paid family and medical leave.

HB196 Breastfeeding Protection Act

This bill prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy in places of public accommodation and permits a woman to breastfeed in any place of public accommodation.

HB63 Cosmetology and Associated Professions

This bill assists those taking required examinations for cosmetology and related professions in languages other than English. It helps women further their profession by not having to travel out of state just to take the test to be a cosmetologist.

SCR 11 - Concurrent Resolution on Awareness and Treatment of Maternal Depression and Anxiety

This resolution aims to raise awareness about maternal depression and anxiety, and encourages the state to take action to address this serious public health issue which impacts at least one in eight new mothers.