Entity: Department of Commerce

Body: Securities Commission

Subject: Securities
Notice Title: Utah Securities Commission Meeting
Meeting Location: 160 East 300 South
Fourth Floor Room 451
Salt Lake City    84111
Event Date & Time: August 7, 2019
August 7, 2019 10:00 AM - August 7, 2019 06:00 AM
                        Utah Securities Commission
August 7th , 2019
9:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M., Room 451

Welcome & Call to Order

Update on status of Administrative Assistant/ Commission Secretary:  Tom Brady

Tab 1: Approval of the May 23rd, 2019 Minutes

            Director's Report:  Tom Brady
            Section Reports:
1.	Enforcement:  Dave Hermansen
2.	Compliance:  Ken Barton
3.	Registration & Licensing:  Nathan Summers
4.	Investor Education Report: Karen McMullin

Tab 2: Education and Training Fund Report/Budget: Nathan Summers

Tab 3: Grant Request:  Wayne Brown Institute DBA VentureCapital.org ($20,000)

Consideration and Approval of Proposed Orders:
Tab 4: 	Leticia Miranda, SD-19-0012: Stipulation and Consent Order (Francswai Davis)
	(Respondent not expected)		

Tab 5: 	Claudia Gonzalez, SD-19-0011: Stipulation and Consent Order (Francswai Davis)
	(Respondent not expected)

Tab 6: 	Israel Pineda, SD-19-0010: Motion for Entry of Default Order (Paula Faerber)

Tab 7: 	Robert James Long, SD-14-0024: Stipulation and Consent Order (Francswai Davis)

Tab 8: 	Flannel Damage Holdings, LLC, SD-19-0004: Motion for Entry of Default Order (Jen Korb)

Tab 9:	Brent Allen Morgan, SD-14-0039; Summit Development and Lending Group, SD-14-0040: Stipulation and Consent Order (Francswai Davis/Jen Korb)

Hearings Scheduled

10:00 am	Clint Nordahl, SD-18-0042: Fine determination (Jen Korb) 
(Respondent via telephone)


Notice of Special Accommodations: Compliant.
Notice of Electronic or telephone participation: N/A
Other information:
Contact Information: Sabrina Afridi
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