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Community Renewable Energy Agency Meeting

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Community Renewable Energy Agency
Public Body
Community Renewable Energy Agency Board

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Notice Title
Community Renewable Energy Agency Meeting
Notice Subject(s)
Legislative Affairs , Energy
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Notice, Meeting
Event Start Date & Time
June 6, 2022 01:00 PM
Community Renewable Energy Agency Board Meeting Agenda Public Notice is hereby given that the Community Renewable Energy Agency Board will assemble in a public meeting on June 6, 2022, at the Millcreek City Hall located at 3330 South 1300 East Millcreek UT, commencing at 1:00 p.m. The Board will convene in an electronic meeting. Board members may participate from remote locations. Board members will be connected to the electronic meeting by GoToMeeting, Zoom or telephonic communications. The anchor location will be Millcreek City Hall. Members of the public who are not physically present at the anchor location may attend the meeting remotely by electronic means at https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/890138285. REGULAR MEETING of the Board: 1. Welcome, Introduction and Preliminary Matters 1.1 Purpose and overview of meeting 1.2 Identification and update on community participation in Community Renewable Energy Agency 1.3 Current participation percentages included in Board packet 1.4 Reminder that July Board meeting will be held on the second Monday of the month (July 11) 1.5 Reminder to review Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement and send signed Exhibit A 2. Business Matters 2.1 Approval of April 25, 2022 special Program Design Committee Meeting Minutes and May 2, 2022 Board Meeting Minutes 2.2 Treasurer Report (Year-to-Date contributions and expenses) 2.3 Reports from committees (Communications, Low-Income Plan, Program Design) 2.4 Discussion and consideration of Resolution 22-04 Authorizing Additional Appointments to the Communications Committee 2.5 Discussion and consideration of Resolution 22-05 Authorizing the Posting of Low-Income Planning Resources to the Agency's Website 2.6 Board member comments 3. Adjournment In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Board will make reasonable accommodation for participation in the meeting. Individuals may request assistance by contacting Kurt Hansen, 801-214-2751, at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. THE UNDERSIGNED HEREBY CERTIFIES THAT A COPY OF THE FOREGOING NOTICE WAS EMAILED OR POSTED TO: Millcreek City Hall Utah Public Notice Website http://pmn.utah.gov DATE: 6/1/22 Emily Quinton Alex Wendt Note agenda items may be moved in order, sequence, and time to meet the needs of the Board. This meeting will be live streamed via https://millcreek.us/373/Meeting-Live-Stream.
Notice of Special Accommodations (ADA)
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Board will make reasonable accommodation for participation in the meeting. Individuals may request assistance by contacting the Millcreek ADA Coordinator, 801-214-2751 or khansen@millcreek.us at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.
Notice of Electronic or Telephone Participation

Meeting Information

Meeting Location
3330 S 1300 E
Millcreek, UT 84106
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Notice Posted On
June 02, 2022 08:18 AM
Notice Last Edited On
July 14, 2022 03:37 PM

Download Attachments

File Name Category Date Added
6.6.22 Approved Minutes.pdf Meeting Minutes 2022/07/14 03:37 PM
6.6.22 Agenda_Community Renewable Energy Agency Board.pdf Public Information Handout 2022/06/02 08:17 AM
6.6.22 Board Packet_Community Renewable Energy Agency Board.pdf Public Information Handout 2022/06/02 08:17 AM
Resolution 22-04_SIGNED.pdf Public Information Handout 2022/06/10 03:26 PM
Resolution 22-05_SIGNED.pdf Public Information Handout 2022/06/10 03:27 PM

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Glenn Wright gwright@summitcounty.org (435)640-9284
RaeShel Hortin raeshel.hortin@coalvillecity.org (435)336-5981
Roger Bourke rbourke@townofalta.com (801)742-3522
Mark Marsh mark.marsh@coalvillecity.org (435)336-5981
Suzanne Elger selger@springdale.utah.gov (630)464-5709
Randy Aton raton@springdale.utah.gov (435)703-3454
Jeff Silvestrini jsilvestrini@millcreek.us (801)214-2705
Patrick Shaeffer oneway005@yahoo.com (801)792-4808
Matt Crittenden mcrittenden@francisutah.gov (435)783-6236
Luke Cartin luke.cartin@parkcity.org (435)615-5204
Samantha DeSeelhorst SDeSeelhorst@ch.utah.gov (801)944-7069
Chris Cawley ccawley@townofalta.com (801)742-6010
Christopher Thomas Christopher.Thomas@slcgov.com (385)228-6873
Drew Quinn dquinn@cityofholladay.com (801)272-6526
Pamela Gibson pamelag@castlevalleyutah.com (435)259-9828
Jocelyn Buck townclerk@castlevalleyutah.com (435)259-9828
Sarah Stock sstock@grandcountyutah.net (435)259-1342
Holly Smith hsmith@cityofholladay.com (801)272-9450
Cheri Jackson cjackson@millcreek.us (801)214-2703
Kalen Jones kjones@moabcity.org (435)259-7073
Jeremy Rubell jeremy.rubell@parkcity.org (435)565-1122
Dan Dugan dan.dugan@slcgov.com (801)535-7600
Emily Quinton equinton@summitcounty.org (435)333-1522
Kelly Bush lobkb973@hotmail.com (801)654-2123
Angela Choberka AngelaChoberka@ogdencity.com (801)388-0031
Mara Brown MaraBrown@ogdencity.com (801)629-8104
Ann Granato AGranato@slco.org (385)468-7457
Jan Brussel jbrussel@francisutah.org (435)783-6236
Michael Shea MShea@slco.org (385)271-3745
Mike Weichers mweichers@ch.utah.gov (801)944-7087
David Brems brems@ecmetro.org (385)240-1400
Robert Pinon pinon@ecmetro.org (385)240-1400
Elissa Martin emartin@grandcounty.net (435)259-1343
Carly Castle ccastle@moabcity.org (435)259-5121
Joe Frazier joe@oakleycity.com (435)640-2388
Dave Neff dave@oakleycity.com (801)541-5385
PBM-00000995 christopher.thomas@slcgov.com (385)228-6873
PBM-00001003 brems@ecmetro.org (385)240-1400
PBM-00001005 pinon@ecmetro.org (385)240-1400
PBM-00001010 mshea@slco.org (385)271-3745
PBM-00001125 agranato@slco.org (385)468-7457
PBM-00001348 sstock@grandcountyutah.net (435)259-1342
PBM-00001350 emartin@grandcounty.net (435)259-1343
PBM-00001390 ccastle@moabcity.org (435)259-5121
PBM-00001413 kjones@moabcity.org (435)259-7073
PBM-00001432 pamelag@castlevalleyutah.com (435)259-9828
PBM-00001433 townclerk@castlevalleyutah.com (435)259-9828
PBM-00001538 equinton@summitcounty.org (435)333-1522
PBM-00001581 mark.marsh@coalvillecity.org (435)336-5981
PBM-00001583 raeshel.hortin@coalvillecity.org (435)336-5981
PBM-00001934 jeremy.rubell@parkcity.org (435)565-1122
PBM-00002099 luke.cartin@parkcity.org (435)615-5204
PBM-00002352 joe@oakleycity.com (435)640-2388
PBM-00002363 gwright@summitcounty.org (435)640-9284
PBM-00002887 raton@springdale.utah.gov (435)703-3454
PBM-00003316 jbrussel@francisutah.org (435)783-6236
PBM-00003317 mcrittenden@francisutah.gov (435)783-6236
PBM-00004109 selger@springdale.utah.gov (630)464-5709
PBM-00004215 cjackson@millcreek.us (801)214-2703
PBM-00004217 jsilvestrini@millcreek.us (801)214-2705
PBM-00004449 dquinn@cityofholladay.com (801)272-6526
PBM-00004451 hsmith@cityofholladay.com (801)272-9450
PBM-00004810 angelachoberka@ogdencity.com (801)388-0031
PBM-00005393 dan.dugan@slcgov.com (801)535-7600
PBM-00005769 dave@oakleycity.com (801)541-5385
PBM-00006108 marabrown@ogdencity.com (801)629-8104
PBM-00006184 lobkb973@hotmail.com (801)654-2123
PBM-00006344 rbourke@townofalta.com (801)742-3522
PBM-00006346 ccawley@townofalta.com (801)742-6010
PBM-00006658 oneway005@yahoo.com (801)792-4808
PBM-00007000 sdeseelhorst@ch.utah.gov (801)944-7069
PBM-00007004 mweichers@ch.utah.gov (801)944-7087


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