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Town of Goshen

Entity: Goshen

Body: Town of Goshen

Subject: Other


Notice Type: Meeting

Event Start Date & Time: June 11, 2019 07:00 AM


Town of Goshen Council Meeting
Goshen Town Hall
June 11, 2019

Town Board Meeting       7:00 PM
A.      Pledge of Allegiance - Lindsay Farnsworth
B.      Prayer- Linda Thomas
C.      Disclosures- None

D.	Public Input/ Reports (limited to three minutes) Non- agenda items
Cody Young was wondering how the annexation details, planning zoning, was coming along. Steven said it will be covered later into the meeting.

Loyle Steele asked the Mayor and Council what the possibilities were to get his water meter, that are hooked up to his residence, moved closer to the street instead of being so far into his property. Steven mentioned that it would need to be surveyed for the right of way, and started that way to see where it is on the maps in reference to the actual location, mentioning that the way that cul-de-sac was put in it may be right, but typically needs to be surveyed as mentioned. Loyle states that it is too far onto his property. A discussion continued about the situation and both parties discussed past knowledge, and agreed that things need to be looked at and taken from there in more detail. 

1.	Approval of Minutes for May 14, 2019: Kathy motions, Lindsay seconds, all in favor.
2.  Pass Ordinance #2019-06-01 - An Ordinance amended the Goshen Town Ordinance which preciously established the planning commission. 

Steven stated that they are trying to get the planning and zoning commission up and going again, he sees some needs for the near future as things progress and make way to grow etc. It states that there can be 3 members, one of which can be from the council board as an open option, and that the planning commission is actually an advisory board, so therefore, things can be brought up and taken back to the council to decide. Kathy mentioned that she had read this and thought that it was not the best idea for someone from the Council Board to serve on the Planning Board as well. These are not set and not filled yet, Steven stated, so the purpose is to get this passed and then get seats filled etc. Charles moves that we pass, Lindsay seconds, all in favor. Council decided that from here out, that we can proceed with three board members and announce seats through advertisements and so forth.

	3. Pass Resolution # 2019-06-02
 	Accepting the proposed budget for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Steven noted that if there was a need to amend, it can be done, and explained the process of this and how it works. Nothing was needed to be changed, Charles moves to pass the resolution, Lindsay seconds, all in favor.

	4. Work Session

Steven updated the council about the water system. Sunrise Meeting held in reference to the preliminary findings from their engineering firm and findings given from the start of the General Master Plan. There are a lot of things that Goshen needs to do to be able to keep going in the future as well as now. Everyone adds up to a large sum of money to get the upgrades and most necessary things that need to be done. Kathy mentioned that things that need to be done, the most important, needs to be done first, she feels. It was agreed. Charles noted that the reality is that if the council doesn't take this on, these findings, then Goshen will be in trouble years from now, piecing the patches that have patched etc. 
Steven said that Sunrise would like to come back at the next council meeting and present this to the council, and answer any questions the council may have. There are ways to get funding and ways to create some funds, but now is the time to move forward. 

Charles Pipkin mentioned to the deputy that was present that there is a house on center street that he would like to be watched and noted for all officers to pay attention to. He took down the address and will look into it. 

E.	Steven adjourned and moved into a work session. 

Those in attendance: Steven Staheli, Lindsay Farnsworth, Samantha Steinfeldt, Kathy Peterson, Charles Pipkin, Rachel Pena, Magen Carlisle, Loyle and Roe Steele, Linda Thomas, Henry Smith, Cody Young, Deputy King.

Notice of Special Accommodations:

Individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this hearing should notify the Town Office at 801-667-9910 two working days before this meeting

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

Electronic or telephonic participation is not available for this meeting

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