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Wasatch County:
Wasatch County Council

Entity: Wasatch County

Body: Wasatch County Council

Subject: Business

Notice Title: Wasatch County Council

Notice Type: Notice

Event Start Date & Time: October 17, 2018 03:00 PM


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the County Council of Wasatch County will hold a REGULAR session in the Council Chambers in the County Administration Building, 25 North Main, Heber City, Utah, commencing at 3:00 PM, Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

DATE: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Order of Agenda Items Subject to Change without Notice

Prayer/Remarks Danny Goode
Pledge of Allegiance Mark Nelson
Public Issues for Future Meetings
Administrative Items for Future Agendas
Legislative Items for Future Agendas

Wasatch County Council  acting as the board of Park and Rec SSD

1.	Discussion/Consideration Parks and Rec. SSD Mill Levy 2018 Budget. 2019 Wasatch County Parks & Recreation Special Service District #21 Tax Rate Adjustment (1) Intent to increase property taxes, (2) Dollar amount of increase, (3) Purpose of increase and (4) Approximate percentage of increase.

2.	Discussion/Consideration Parks & Recreation Fee Increase.

3.	Discussion/Consideration of Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.

4.	Parks & Recreation Video MOU Progress.


1.	Approval of Board of Equalization Changes

2.	Discussion/Consideration of Resolution No. 18-13 Regarding A Resolution of Appointment of a Wasatch County Representative and an Alternate Representative for the Utah Counties Indemnity Pool Annual Membership Meeting.

3.	Discussion/Consideration Resolution No. 18-14 Authorizing Substituting Judges for Wasatch County Courts

4.	Discussion/Consideration Resolution No. 18-15 Requesting Recertification of Wasatch County Justice Court.

5.	Discussion/Consideration Amount and Purpose of Tax Increase, the council intends to increase property taxes, the dollar amount of increase $826,000, purpose for the increase Sheriff Resource Officer, Jail, and County Manager. The approximate percentage increase is 9.07%.

6.	Discussion/Consideration on Proposed Ordinance No. 18-09 Amending 16.27.10(C1t) regarding the requirement for overall preliminary approvals for subdivisions. The code currently requires that applicants prepare on overall preliminary application that covers the entire property owned by the applicant. This proposal would allow larger acre projects with larger amounts of density to do a phased preliminary approval.

7.	Discussion/Consideration Ordinance No. 18-10 an Ordinance Amending Wasatch County Code Section 4.09.02 to Update and Amend Certain Fees Assessed in the County.

Council/Board Reports

Manager's Report

1.	Discussion and possible approval of expenditures for completion of Sheriff Office addition.

2.	Possible consent for appointment to Planning Commission.

3.	Presentation and possible action of Property Tax adjustment for affected properties in Dollar Ridge fire.

4.	Presentation of names for Charleston Water Conservancy District Board members for approval.

5.	Declaration of road right of way for former State Highways transferred to Wasatch County

Closed Session

	Purchase, Exchange or Lease of Property

	Pending or Reasonably Imminent Litigation

	The Character, Professional Competence, or Physical or Mental Health of an Individual

Public Hearings 6:00

1.	Paul Berg, representative for Wayne Carlson, is requesting a plat amendment to Cheri Lane Farm Preservation Subdivision (5 lots) to reconfigure lot layouts and allow for the inclusion of a caretaker dwelling on lot 2 in the future. The subdivision is located at approximately 1420 West Main Canyon Road in Sections 1 and 12, Township 5 South, Range 4 East in the Residential Agricultural 5-acre (RA-5) zone.

	Jeff Butterworth, representative for Storied Deer Valley, LLC, requests Preliminary Subdivision approval for Morningstar Subdivision, a proposed 5 lot subdivision consisting of 5.29 acres located on the east side of Tuhaye along Tuhaye Hollow Road in Section 22, Township 2 South, Range 5 East in the Jordanelle Basin Overlay Zone (JBOZ).

	A proposed update to Chapter 5 of the General Plan which is the public lands element of the General Plan.  The proposal more specifically updates pages 308-310 the livestock grazing and forage allocation portion of the General Plan.  The intent of the update is to allow for targeted grazing as an option to landowners for weed control.

	October 17, 2018
	Brent R. Titcomb

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during this meeting should notify
Michelle Crook 435-657-3190 at least one day prior to the meeting.
This agenda is also available on the County Internet Website at and on Utah State's Website at

Notice of Special Accommodations:

Wasatch County will make efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to disabled members of the public in accessing County programs. Please contact Michelle Crook at the Wasatch County Council office at 435-657-3190 in advance if you have special needs.

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

There is no electronic participation at this time.

Other Information

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