Priorities: Self-Determination

Continue to find Utah solutions to Utah problems

"The final cornerstone we must secure is the spirit of self-determination, the ability to address Utah problems with Utah solutions."

- Governor Herbert

Call to Action: Cultivate solutions for health care reform, public lands, and immigration.

Objective 1: Become the healthiest people in the nation through innovation, market principles and health care reform.

Objective 2: Promote rural economic progress while protecting our natural treasures by ensuring appropriate multiple-use of public lands.

Objective 3: Work with the Congressional Delegation and Legislature to identify and implement practical solutions to address illegal immigration.

Action Items:

  • Increase the efficiency of healthcare markets by providing accurate information on cost and quality to insurers, providers and consumers through multiple channels including the "All Payer Database".
  • Ensure the Utah Health Exchange remains a defined contribution program based on principles of free market and consumer choice and begin the process of moving it to a non-profit model.
  • Control the rising cost of Medicaid by securing federal waivers and working to alleviate the burden of federal mandates.
  • Facilitate SITLA land exchanges to increase funding for public schools while protecting pristine public lands.
  • Use the Governor's Balanced Resource Council to help resolve public land issues and advance a process to sustain our natural treasures through practical, collaborative problem-solving.
  • Hold the line against unconstitutional federal government erosion of state authority through the federalism subcommittee of the Constitutional Defense Council.