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Saving for Your Child's College Education

For the 2017 tax year, a Utah individual taxpayer (or trust) who is a my529 account owner may claim a 5 percent Utah state income tax credit up to certain limits on contributions to his or her account or accounts. Utah-based corporations may claim a state income tax deduction up to certain limits. The maximum credit and deduction are reviewed each year and may be changed.

Utah Higher Education Resources

  • Utah Navajo Trust Fund

    UNTF receives 37.5% of the 12.5% oil royalties from 16 leases northeast of Montezuma Creek (62.5% from this area and 100% from Aneth, Red Mesa, and Mexican Water goes to the Navajo Nation). UNTF administers these funds for use in common for Utah Navajo communities and families for various programs such as higher education financial aid, water lines, sewer lines, power lines, housing, renovation, additions, and other chapter projects.

  • Utah System of Higher Education

    Anyone who wants to pursue higher education in Utah can get valuable information at this site. Find out about Utah institutions, planning, Board of Regents, student information, academic programs, planning, financial aid, and much more.

Other Higher Education Links

Financial Aid Services

Other Links

  • Utah Schools and Districts

    Many of Utah's Elementary, Middle, Junior and High Schools have Web sites of their own. This list is provided by the Utah Education Network.

  • Just for Utah Youth

    A web site for Utah Youth. Specific info for foster youth.


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