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Tips for Parents

Research has shown that parents play a major role in the career decision-making of their sons and daughters. You may not even be aware of the many ways you are contributing to your child's career development, but consider this: Career decision-making skills have been linked to early childhood experiences, family attitudes and practices regarding careers and role modeling by mothers and fathers. As a parent, your expectations and support can promote your child's career decision-making maturity.

There are many resources on here that can give you the information you need to help your children with their education and career decisions. Start here!

  • Career Planning - Choices Planner

    This is the career planning system most Utah high school students are using in support of their Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP). Your son or daughter may already have a career exploration portfolio in Choices.

  • Parent Newsletter

    Sign up to receive an electronic newsletter from the publisher of the Choices Planner. These newsletters are created just for parents. They provide information about the world of work and tips for helping your kids plan for the future.

  • Hot Jobs in Utah

    Look at profiles of jobs in Utah - see wages, job descriptions, educational requirements, and actual openings! Simply select the job you are interested in.

  • Programs of Study

    Search for specific programs of study that are offered in Utah and link to the home page of the school.

  • Utah's Career and Technical Education System

    Learn about the training programs available in Utah for a wide variety of careers.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Find out how to finance education and training beyond high school.

  • Laws and Rules for Youth Employment

    Is your son or daughter interested in getting some work experience now? Check out the laws and rules regarding youth employment.


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