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  • Distribute Personal and Family Preparedness Information
  • Create an organization of community partnerships to provide emergency response


  • Assist community organizations, businesses and families in developing building evacuation plans
  • Design temporary shelters to be used in emergencies


  • Create and distribute information for earthquake preparedness
  • Develop an emergency response plan for radiation
  • Prepare and distribute information relating to dangerous household chemicals and proper storage of such
  • Identify temporary power sources and develop a plan for conservation of scarce power supplies

Social Studies

  • Create and distribute information for financial preparedness (Utah Saves)
  • Distribute contact information for government emergency response organizations
  • Establish communications with faith-based organizations to coordinate response efforts

Language Arts

  • Work with organizations to write and preserve journals and histories
  • Locate key people to establish communications in multi-lingual communities
  • Translate emergency preparedness documents into various languages

Fine Arts

  • Provide information for preservation of artistic works
  • Create/distribute disaster preparedness coloring books to young children
  • Create projects and activities that allow people to communicate and express themselves in a variety of ways
  • Organize performances of artistic works to raise funds for emergency preparedness organizations

Health & Physical Education

  • Create a list of community emergency resources
  • Make 72 hour kits addressing survival needs
  • Provide information for a nutritional one year food storage plan


  • Design an awareness campaign for emergency information sources
  • Career & Technical Education
  • Work with community organizations to identify emergency shelter facilities