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Diaper Bag Kit

Keep baby diaper bag refilled always and place next to the crib!

  • Refill baby diaper bag with baby needs.
  • Have a few emergency items in the baby diaper bag, such as: An emergency Mylar blanket, rain poncho, mini flashlight, whistle, emergency water pouches (place 2 pouches in separate zip lock bags to protect leakage).
  • Keep extra baby pacifier (binky) in bag; no time to search for one during a disaster.
  • If baby is still on formula, keep extra in diaper bag along with water pouches.

Emergency items can be purchased at your local emergency essential stores, and various stores in the camping section.

  • Emergency Mylar Blanket $1.99 or less
  • Rain Ponchos $.99 or less
  • Plastic Whistle (won’t rust)
  • Mini Flashlight from $2.99 up
  • Have extra batteries available
  • Emergency Water Pouches $.25 up