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Get Involved

Utah is nationally known for its spirit of volunteerism. In addition to preparing ourselves for the unexpected, there are great opportunities to reach out to our neighbors and community. As we get involved, we can make preparedness a part of service.

Here are just three of many ways to get involved in Utah preparedness efforts:

Community Emergency Response Team


Community Emergency Response Team, CERT, is a training program that prepares you to help yourself, family, and neighbors in the even of a disaster. As a member of a CERT team, you can respond to disasters, participate in drills and exercises, and take additional training.

Under the direction of the local emergency responders, CERT teams help provide critical support by giving immediate assistance to victims, providing damage assessment information, and organizing other volunteers at a disaster site. They also offer a potential workforce for performing duties such as shelter support, crowd control, and evacuation until trained emergency personnel arrive.

The CERT program builds strong working relationships between emergency responders and the people they serve as well as helping the community year-round by assisting with community emergency plans, neighborhood exercise, preparedness outreach, fire safety education, and workplace safety. CERT training takes about 20 hours to complete.

Participants learn how to: identify and anticipate hazards, reduce hazards in the home and work place, extinguish small fires, conduct light search and rescue, set up a medical technique and help reduce survivor stress.

Who should take CERT training? People interested in taking an active role in hometown preparedness.

For more information contact your local fire department or your city/county emergency management office.

Utah Citizen Corps

Citizen Corp Logo

Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and the recurring reminders of the powerful force of natural phenomenon, we are reminded of our vulnerabilities, more appreciative of our freedoms, and more understanding that we have a personal responsibility for the safety of our families, our neighbors and our nation.

We also know that we can take action now to help protect our families, help reduce the impact a disaster has on our lives, and help deal with the chaos when an incident does occur.

The Utah Citizen Corps Mission is to harness the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared for emergencies and disasters of all kinds.

The State Citizen Corps Council serves as a resource link between the national Citizen Corps initiative and local and regional councils throughout Utah. The state council encourages councils to bring together local leaders, emergency management, citizen volunteers, faith-based communities, business and civic organizations, and the network of first responder organizations to help build prepared and resilient communities.

Community members are encouraged to know the potential risks in their areas, have emergency kits available for all members of the family, have and practice a family response plan, be trained in CERT and CPR, and become involved in their local neighborhood watch program and community preparedness efforts.

For more information go to Utah Commission of Volunteers

The Utah Red Cross

Volunteer with Red Cross

American Red Cross logo

Celebrating more than 125 years of service, the American Red Cross is one of the country's oldest and most active humanitarian organizations. The American Red Cross is productive and cost-effective with 98% of our work accomplished by volunteers like you.

What We Do Each year, scores of local disasters impact businesses and families in communities throughout Utah. Our volunteers are central to providing assistance in two vital ways:

  1. We provide proactive training in advance of potential threats to enable our fellow citizens to prepare themselves for emergencies, protect families and associates from disasters when they come, and to help families return to productivity as soon possible after they have been affected.
  2. When disasters hit, we are on the scene as soon as allowed by first-responders and law enforcement. We provide critical emergency services including food, shelter, clothing, health and mental health assistance.
We encourage you to be trained and to volunteer your time to help us serve our community and the nation. Red Cross volunteerism is enriching and very much appreciated.

For more information, contact your local Red Cross chapter:

Utah Chapters of the Red Cross: