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Rhianna Christopher, volunteer program coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says the DWR has worked hard to keep the Dedicated Hunter program hunters join in 2012 as close as possible to the current program. "This is a valuable program," she says. "We want the program to work for hunters."

"The next several weeks is the best time of the year to catch big splake at Joes Valley Reservoir," asserts Division of Wildlife Resources Fisheries Assistant Manager Justin Hart. "You don't need a boat or special equipment to nail the big ones."

The tigers will be only two to three inches long when they're released. But they won't stay that size for long. Drew Cushing, warm water sport fisheries coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says the fish should be about 20 inches long a year from now. "And by spring 2013," he says, "most of them will be 30 inches long or longer. Tiger muskie grow fast."

Purchase your Annual Pass online, at your favorite state park or at DNR's Salt Lake City Office. Passes valid for one year from date of purchase. Annual Pass provides you and up to seven guests day-use entrance to most Utah state parks.

?What do I need?? is a question I frequently hear when I take someone fishing. Today?s tackle choices are almost limitless, especially when you consider all the different lures and their variations in size, weight and color. I think most anglers are overwhelmed by all the choices, and I understand completely ? I?m getting to be the same way.

The large number of trout?and the stunning and breathtaking scenery you'll see?make the Green one of the best places in the country to fish for trout. And spring is the prefect time to fish it.

Improved campgrounds, trails and timber management were just a few of the numerous accomplishments of the workers and volunteers in Dixie National Forest.

Scofield Reservoir is on the verge of losing its ice cap. As of April 3rd, there was three feet of open water that ringed the shoreline. Another patch of open water was observed on the south end. If temperatures continue to climb, the ice could be off before mid-April.

Millsite Reservoir is the centerpiece of Millsite State Park and offers a diversity of recreational opportunities, including camping, picnicking and golfing at its adjacent 18-hole golf course. The 435-acre reservoir is situated four miles west of the town of Ferron and State Road 10. The park is within an hour's drive of most locations in Carbon and Emery counties and is 165 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

Starting April 1, 2011 you can't hunt prairie dogs on public land in Utah. You can start hunting them again, however, starting June 16, 2011. There are two exceptions to this rule?Utah prairie dogs in southwestern Utah, and the white-tailed prairie dog population in Coyote Basin in northeastern Utah, may not be hunted, no matter what time of year it is.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has been very successful in creating new environments for big game by transplanting animals into new habitats.

About 15,000 trout per mile are found in the first eight miles of the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam. The large number of trout?and the stunning and breathtaking scenery you'll see?make the Green one of the best places in the country to fish for trout.

See Gunnison sage-grouse

Mon, 21 Mar 2011

If watching the colorful strutting display of Gunnison sage-grouse sounds interesting, state wildlife biologists have an offer for you that might be hard to refuse. During the weekends of April 1?2 and April 15?16, they'll take small groups of people to see Gunnison sage-grouse strut on leks (breeding grounds) west of Monticello.

If you aren't able to attend the Utah Wildlife Board meetings, you can watch them later on this website.

During the winter of 1983?84, nearly half of the deer between Brigham City and the Wyoming border died. Following that winter loss, deer numbers slowly increased over the next decade until, once again, the winter of 1992?93 killed half of them. Since that time, deer numbers have stayed relatively low, increasing and decreasing largely in response to winter severity. The herd has yet to recover to its 1983 numbers.

Community fisheries provide a fun, easy way to spend quality time with family and friends outdoors. They offer a setting for parents and kids to talk, enhance family interaction, and keep busy Utahns in touch with the natural world.

If you recently moved near a foothill in Utah, don't be surprised if some of the plants in your garden disappear this spring. Gardens, yards and areas right next to roads are "deer magnets" in the spring.

Join the ranch curator at 10:00a.m. at the Fielding Garr Ranch for a moderate 9 mile hike of the South Island Trail discussing the island?s history that surrounds this trail. History includes Daddy Stump, Sodium Sulphate plant and early Island history. For more information call (801) 649-5742

In the northern Book Cliffs during the last five years, 62,700 acres of habitat have been treated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and other partners. Most of these acres are in crucial deer summer and winter range.

Tundra Swan Day, March 12

Tue, 08 Mar 2011

The Division of Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will host Utah's annual Tundra Swan Day on March 12, 2011. Admission is free.

The Legacy Nature Preserve is a 2,225-acre wildlife preserve on the southeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake. Established as environmental mitigation for the Legacy Parkway Project, the Preserve helps prevent encroachment of future development into this portion of the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem by restoring a mosaic of different wetland and upland habitats that are important for a myriad of wildlife species, especially migratory birds.

Wildlife biologists and researchers estimate that vehicles may kill as many deer in Utah every year as hunters do. (During the 2009 hunting season, hunters took about 23,000 deer.) But it's the part of the population cars take that makes the difference.

Ranger-guided hikes are offered into the Fiery Furnace twice each day. These popular 2.5 to 3 hour hikes are moderately strenuous, requiring the occasional use of hands to scramble up and through narrow cracks and along narrow ledges above drop-offs.

If you want to hunt during the deer hunt, or during other big game hunts in Utah this fall, you need to get your application in soon. Your application must be received at no later than 11 p.m. on March 3, 2011 to be included in the draw for permits.

In early February, the Division of Wildlife Resources in partnership with the BLM, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, and Utah State University, captured and radio-collared 59 bison on the Henry Mountains.

PacifiCorp has teamed up with the BLM Moab office and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to assist in the preservation of the ferruginous hawk, a state-sensitive species.

You can see this spectacle yourself on Feb. 25, 26 and 27, 2011 at the annual Utah Snow Goose Festival. The festival will be held at and near Gunnison Bend Reservoir, just west of Delta. Admission is free.  

The Bureau of Land Management Utah and the Little Sahara Recreation Area would like to inform the public the Willard R. Fulmer Visitor Center is scheduled to re-open on February 13, 2011 and resume winter hours.

Join park staff for a moonlit, one-mile hike. Enjoy the unique opportunity to see the canyon by moon-glow! 8:00- 9:30 p.m., Fri, February 18 Events are free and open to the public. Space is limited; registration required.

Utah offers a wide variety of camping experiences from red rocks like Goblin Valley State Park to more alpine camping environments in northern Utah.  Reserve now online through the end of 2011.

Dean and Spencer Steele, both of Utah County, were originally charged with more than 20 counts for violating Utah's trapping regulations.

You can apply for a bear hunting or a bear pursuit permit starting Feb. 3 at To be included in the draw for permits, your application must be received through the website no later than 11 p.m. on Feb. 23.

On Feb. 12, 2011, you'll have a chance not only to see bald eagles, but to learn more about them. The Division of Wildlife Resources will hold its annual Utah Bald Eagle Day that day. Bald Eagle Day is free. You can see eagles at five locations across the state.

You can apply for a 2011 permit at starting Feb. 1. Your application must be received through the website no later than 11 p.m. on March 3 to be entered in the draw for permits. If you have questions or need help completing your application, please call any DWR office before 6 p.m. on March 3.

Denise Blyn, the festival's coordinator, says the St. George and Washington County area attract birders from across the West. "The area is a hot spot for wintering birds," she says.

While the DWR welcomes all the help it can get, supplemental deer feeding is usually not a good idea. Although it sounds like an act of kindness and may even help some animals get through the cold months, it can create major problems.

Bird feeding helps wildlife

Tue, 18 Jan 2011

Finding food in the winter can be a tough prospect for Utah's wild birds. During the late summer and fall, most birds leave Utah for warmer climes. Those that stay find a food supply that snow, long nights, below zero temperatures, storms and frost-forming inversion layers have severely reduced. Only birds capable of finding seeds, berries, dormant insects and other limited food sources can survive Utah's tough winters.

Largely undiscovered, Utah's Goosecks State Park offers some incredible scenery overlooking the Goosenecks of the San Juan River.

The James V. Hansen Wildlife Education Center offers interactive exhibits, a wetland diorama and other displays featuring information on birds and wetlands of the Great Salt Lake ecosystem.

The BASH Winter Race Festival is a day full of racing on the snow! From the headlining National Winter Tri Championships to the Snowy Day 5K Run & Kid's Moon Boot Stomp there is something for everyone.

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