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In these tight economic times, physicians are reporting their patients are delaying routine cancer screenings due to cost. This has officials at the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) and Utah Cancer Action Network (UCAN) concerned, particularly about colon cancer screening.

Learn more about what you can do at

Governor Jon Huntsman shared his vision for Utah's future during the inauguration ceremony on January 5th.  (streaming video from Fox News)

The first Utah State Bulletin for 2009 is now online.

Utah Code in Title 59 requires the taxation of property for the funding of local government and Utah schools. Property tax is assessed on both real property and personal property. Generally, personal property used in business is subject to property taxes.

Each of the 66 participating Gold Medal and Power-Up Schools in Davis, Weber, and Morgan counties were offered a chance to send one student to the slopes.  During the month of November, the student at each Gold Medal School who walked the most miles was awarded a free two hour ski or snowboard lesson along with a free lift pass to Wolf Creek Utah Ski Resort.

Uinta Basin Water Study

Mon, 05 Jan 2009

Water-Related Issues Affecting Conventional Oil and Gas Recovery and Potential Oil Shale Development in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common lifethreatening genetic disorder in the United States.

The 23-page report highlights successes and challenges in each of the four main sections: air, climate change, land and water.

The 2009 Inauguration will be today, Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 11:45 AM on the Capitol Hill south steps. If you are planning on attending, please be aware that there is very limited seating which will be available on a first come first serve basis. Also be aware that the south doors to the steps will be blocked off, and all foot traffic will need to use the east side of the Capitol.

Salt Lake City – The Western Governors’ Association has issued the following joint statement regarding the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The State's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal 2008 presents the State's financial position and results of operations, demographic and statistical information.

The changing economy has made older workers more in demand than they once were.  Yet finding employment after the age of 50 can still be a challenge.

The new airport will be better able to handle growing demands for business and commercial service. Start of operations at the Replacement Airport is scheduled for January 1, 2011.

Visit this new tourism website to plan your visit to southern Utah.  Golf, scenery, Zions National Park, it's all here.

Governor's Inaugural Ceremony, Hosted by the Utah National Guard

Commissioner Leonard M. Blackham honored Ogden Brand Inspector, Troy Higgs, for heroic acts of courage in helping save the lives of two children involved in an automobile accident December 5, 2008 in Box Elder County.

Great events planned tonight for Salt Lake, Provo, and St. George.

Governor Jon Huntsman is highlighting $14.4 billion in state infrastructure projects that could be significantly expedited with an infusion of federal money.

The lists include potential road, rail, water, energy and building projects.

State Nursery to Close

Tue, 23 Dec 2008

The Lone Peak Nursery will cease operations on June 30, 2009 at the end of the fiscal year. Funding for the 32 year old state nursery program was cut in the recent special session of the legislature forcing the closure of the facility and premature sale of the remaining seedlings.

The Utah Science, Technology, and Research Initiative (USTAR) continues to pay dividends as it reaches out to entrepreneurs across the state.  Innovation is the key to USTAR success.

The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) and the Utah Adult Immunization Coalition (UAIC) say there is still plenty of influenza vaccine available and encourage all persons to consider vaccination—especially those at high risk for serious complications. It takes about two weeks after vaccination to develop protection.

Developing Utah's workforce should be a concern to all Utahns. From nurturing an infant to retraining a retiree, the preparation of individuals to compete, contribute and prosper in society is a shared responsibility. It is everyone's job. It is the core of our national productivity and it is the future of Utah's economic growth.

Salt Lake City - Utah Governor Jon Huntsman announced today the release of a report recommending steps to prepare Utah's workforce for the 21st Century.

1948-49 was the worst winter of the century in Utah. Blizzard after blizzard roared through the state; average temperatures hit record lows; winds piled snowdrifts as high as 10 feet on roads.

Salt Lake City - Governor Jon Huntsman is highlighting $14.4 billion in state infrastructure projects that could be significantly expedited with an infusion of federal money.

Starting with the 2008 tax year, Utah taxpayers may be able to claim a retirement tax credit on their Utah Individual Income Tax Return. Learn more...

According to a new study just released by the Utah Geological Survey (UGS), Utah’s potential economic oil-shale resource equals approximately 77 billion barrels of shale oil.

While the estimate is considerably smaller than numbers frequently quoted, it is still deserving of attention.

Over the past 15 years, there has been significant progress in reducing birthrates among U.S. and Utah teens.  However, this progress has not been consistent among all ethnicities.

Utah Bucks, Bulls & Once-in-a-Lifetime

You can take a sleigh ride that will get you up close and personal to as many as 600 wild elk. Learn more.

UDOT's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a five-year plan of highway and transit projects for the State of Utah. The STIP is maintained daily and includes transportation projects on the state, city and county highway systems

Utah, like much of the nation is undergoing a tremendous demographic transformation with far-reaching implications.  Read about it in this new report from the Bureau of Economic and Business Research.

The Utah Lake Commission has completed the Draft Master Plan for the lake.  The Commission wants to hear your comments.  An online survey is also available on the website.

Springville Museum of Art

Wed, 17 Dec 2008

The Springville Museum of Art is Utah's oldest museum for the visual fine arts, and a key promoter and contributor to the arts in Utah. A variety of exhibitions, concerts, tours, programs and special events are offered.


Please bring non-perishable food and clothing to the Eccles Broadcast Center Friday, December 19 from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The annual Winter Charity Drive of KUED-Channel 7, KUER-FM 90 and the Utah Education Network will help provide holiday meals and warm clothing for needy Utah families

For some, the holidays bring sad feelings, particularly in contrast to the way things are supposed to be. The holidays can be especially difficult for those who have experienced the death of someone close to them and are facing the holidays for the first time without that person.

Read the latest issue of the bulletin online.

To support the transition to smoke-free taverns and private clubs across the state, the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) is distributing smoke-free implementation toolkits to owners/operators.

The smoke-free taverns and private clubs law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2009.

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