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Granite School District (Updated: April 24, 2015)
The Granite School District provides K-12 and other educational services and is located in the northern portion of Salt Lake County immediately south of Salt Lake City. The District Board's headquarters are located at 2500 South State Street.
Plain City (Updated: April 24, 2015)
Local Law Enforcement Service Area serving the Salt Lake County residents living in the Unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County. Beginning in 2012 Herriman City and Riverton City will be included in the SLVLESA.
Unified Police Department (Updated: April 24, 2015)
West Valley City (Updated: April 24, 2015)
West Valley City has a population of more than 130,000 residents, making it the second largest city in Utah. The development of a bustling center for business, recreation and entertainment, West Valley City is certainly living up to it's motto, "Progress as promised."


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