Should I use the Back button on my internet browers while I am using the website?
Don't use the Back Button when drilling down through organization, category, fund, or vendor searches, Instead use the handles (small triangles) on the left and right of each pane to move forward and backward through the information that you have brought up.
Why was this website created?
The Legislature passed Senate Bill 38 in the 2008 General Session requiring the Division of Finance (Finance) to create a free website, accessible to the public that contains state and local entity financial information.
What browser do I need to view the information?
This website works best with Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher or Firefox.
I see that information can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet. What if I don't have Excel?
If you do not have Excel on your computer, a text file will be created with the fields of information separated by commas.
Who do I contact if I have a question about the data on this website?
You may email your question to transparency@utah.gov and someone will you get back to you. If you have a question about a particular transaction, you may contact the local entity or State agency directly. Contact information for each State agency is listed under Help / Departments and Agencies within the State.
Please note that response time will vary according to the number of inquiries that are received.
How often is the data updated?
The Transparency Advisory Board has directed that the website be updated at least quarterly for Expense and Revenue data and annually for Employee Compensation data. The State of Utah and some local entities update data monthly.
What is this data?
This information reflects raw data posted at a transaction level. Because transactions for the State of Utah are conducted between State agencies, the same dollars may count as an expenditure for one agency and as revenue for another. This data is unaudited and in its most rudimentary unconsolidated format; therefore, it will not tie out to state budgets or data reported in the State or local entity Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
How do I search for vendors?
Choose the Name Search tab to begin a vendor search. We recommend that you enter only a portion of the vendor name you are looking for in the search area. The vendor name may be spelled differently or in a different order than you think. You can then choose the vendor you are looking for when the search results are returned.
How can I look up information regarding a state contract?
You may find information regarding statewide contracts on the Division of Purchasing website. Note that many contracts are agency-specific and are not currently available on the Division of Purchasing's website.
Tell me about the Employee Compensation Transaction Type information.

The Employee Compensation transaction type shows detail employee compensation information (paryoll items and total employer paid benefits) for the fiscal period for each employee of the entity selected.

Tips on how to best view the employee compensation information.

  1. In the Get Started section of the website home page, select "Employee Compensation" in the drop down menu under Transaction Type, and select the fiscal period desired in the drop down menu for Period. The employee compensation expenditures by organization level for fiscal period selected will then appear. If the entity selected has multiple orgnization levels, you can drill down through the organization to search more specific information, or use one of the other filters (fund, category, transaction or name search) at any point in your search to give a different view of the data.
  2. To view data for individual employees, use the name search filter. You can search by entering a partial name in the search area, or click in the search area, leave it blank, and hit enter for an A-Z listing at that point of your search.
  3. Employee Compensation information is added to the website only once per year, after the end of the entity's fiscal period.
  4. The information provided will be a "budget view" of the data. It may include not only salaries and wages, but leave, incentive pay, reimbursements, and a total for employer paid benefits. Everything that is paid or reimbursed via the payroll system and is charged to a local entity or State agency budget or their funds will be included, and the breakouts will be consistent with how the transactions are recorded in the payroll and accounting systems, except the information is summarized for the entire fiscal period.


Please note that the data contained on this website is raw, unaudited, and unconsolidated data and therefore will not tie out to any audited or printed financial statements. Also, this website does not contain information that is considered private or protected by state or federal law.

Certain Independent Entities listed in Utah Code 63E-1-102 are not included on this website. Click "View all Disclaimers" below for the list.

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