About The Utah Transparency Advisory Board

The Utah Transparency Advisory Board is comprised of eleven members knowledgeable about public finance or providing public access to public financial information. The Board members are:

Chair: Senator Deidre Henderson

Vice Chair: John Reidhead, Director Division of Finance, Department of Administrative Services

Representative Steve Eliason

Gary Williams, City Attorney for Ogden City

Arlyn Bradshaw, Salt Lake County Councilmember

Jonathan Ball, Legislative Fiscal Analyst

Evan Curtis, Governor's Office of Management and Budget

Mark VanOrden, Acting CIO/Executive Director, Department of Technology Services

Patricia Smith-Mansfield, Utah State Archivist

Lex Hemphill, State Records Committee

Phillip Windley, Public Board Member

Jason Williams, Public Board Member

The transparent.utah.gov website is administered by the Utah Division of Finance under the direction of the Utah Transparency Advisory Board. If you have questions about the transparent.utah.gov website, please contact us by email at:


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Utah Public Finance Website Policies

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01-01.02 Posting of Financial Information by Participating Local Entities


Please note that the data contained on this website is raw, unaudited, and unconsolidated data and therefore will not tie out to any audited or printed financial statements. Also, this website does not contain information that is considered private or protected by state or federal law.

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