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Wasatch Integrated Waste Management/Wasatch Energy Systems

Administrative Control Board

Contact Person: Juli McIntosh

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Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (801)614-5605
Address: 1997 East 3500 North
Layton 84040

Board/Committee Contacts

Member Email Phone
Bret Millburn (801)451-3200
Jim Smith (801)451-3200
John Petroff Jr. (801)451-3200
John Higginson (801)295-3477
Vern Phipps (801)525-2700
Mitch Adams (801)614-0700
Jim Talbot (801)451-2383
Don Carroll (801)546-0861
Steve Hiatt (801)546-1235
Bob Stevenson (801)725-3461
Tony London (801)829-3461
Ned Mecham (801)845-4018
Len Arave (801)335-8718
Tammy Long (801)479-3177
Beverly Macfarlane (801)614-9101
Mike Gailey (801)825-1477
James Bruhn (801)292-4486
Erik Craythorne (801)776-0970
Wally Larrabee (801)292-4421

Upcoming Notices

Name Date Status Attachments
Board Meeting 2016/09/07 05:00 PM Scheduled Agenda Sept 16.pdf Other Added: 2016/09/02 10:16 AM
Public Hearing 2016/06/01 06:00 PM Scheduled No associated attachments
Board Meeting 2016/06/01 05:00 PM Scheduled Agenda May16.pdf Other Added: 2016/04/29 03:22 PM
Board Meeting 2016/06/01 05:00 PM Scheduled Agenda June 16.pdf Other Added: 2016/05/27 03:58 PM