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West Jordan:
City Council

Entity: West Jordan

Body: City Council

Subject: Solid Waste Zoning

Notice Title: Regular Meeting

Notice Type: Meeting, Hearing

Event Start Date & Time: February 27, 2013 6:00 PM

Event End Date & Time: February 27, 2013 9:00 PM


a.	Discuss personnel issues




a.	City Manager comments/Reports
b.	Staff comments/Reports
c.	City Council comments/Reports

Citizens are permitted to address the Council concerning any matter over which the Council has jurisdiction, including comments concerning an item on the agenda.  The Council will allow 3 minutes to do so during this period.  Written comments may be submitted if a citizen does not wish to speak.  Any comments needing or requesting follow-up will be assigned to staff for further action as appropriate after the meeting.  Please provide contact information on the sign-up sheet and state your name and phone number when speaking to the Council so later follow-up can take place.  Persons who exceed the time or are otherwise disorderly may be expelled by the Council upon a two-thirds majority vote, as provided in Utah Code Annotated 10-3-608.  The Council requires that citizens help maintain the decorum of the meeting by not applauding or booing, turning off electronic devices, not engaging in verbal attacks against others or being disrespectful during the proceedings of the meeting.

a.	Approve the minutes of January 30, 2013, and February 20, 2013 as presented [Melanie Briggs]

b.	Approve the 2013 American Cancer Society Relay for Life park hours variance for August 9-10, 2013 [Tim Peters]

c.	Approve Resolution 13-20, confirming the City Council appointments to the West Jordan CDBG/HOME Committee [Tom Burdett] 

d.	Approve Resolution 13-21, authorizing the Mayor to execute Amendment No.1 to the Professional Services Agreement with Ensign Engineering for additional engineering services for the Bingham Creek Culvert Project, in an amount not-to-exceed $13,800.00 [Tim Peters]

e.	Approve Resolution 13-22, declaring items from various City Departments that are no longer of any value or use as surplus property, and authorize the disposition [Richard L. Davis]

a.	Receive public input and consider for approval Ordinance 13-04, amending the 2009 West Jordan Municipal Code, portions of Title 12 and Title 13 or other sections of the West Jordan Municipal Code relating to Digital Display Billboards; City-wide; City of West Jordan, applicant [Tom Burdett]

b.	Receive public input and consider for approval Ordinance 13-05, regarding a rezone of 14.43 acres from SC-1 (TSOD), R-3-12(ZC) (TSOD) and RR-.5D (TSOD) Zones to P-C (Planned Community) (TSOD) Zone; The Village at Gardner Mill Rezone; Northeast Corner 1300 West 7800 South; Colosimo Brothers/Paul & Joe Colosimo, applicant [Tom Burdett]

c.	CONTINUE UNTIL MARCH 13, 2013 – MOTION REQUIRED - Receive public input and consider for approval an Ordinance amending the 2009 West Jordan Municipal Code, Title 13, Chapter 4, and Chapter 6, Section 13-4-12 Zoning Administrator, and Section 13-6G-9, regarding Transit Station Overlay District Parking Requirements; City-wide Applicability; Colosimo Brothers, applicant [Tom Burdett] 

a.	Discussion and possible action regarding Resolution 13-23, supporting the ‘Financial Ready Utah’ efforts to assess and provide for the potential risk to Utah from dependence on unsustainable Federal funds [Councilmember McConnehey]

b.	Discussion and possible action regarding proposal from Morgan Gilliam regarding tournaments at the Soccer Complex [Mayor Johnson]

c.	Discussion and possible action regarding Resolution 13-24, authorizing the Mayor to execute an agreement with ACE Disposal, Inc. for solid waste collection services for the City [Wendell Rigby]

d.	Discussion and possible action regarding Ron Wood Park Expansion, possible naming, and provide direction to staff [Councilmember’s Southworth & Stoker]

e.	Discussion and possible action regarding authorization of a $500 expenditure from the Sister City Committee line item to be used for the welcome & farewell dinners and a lunch with City Officials  and the Votkinsk Russia delegation [Councilmember Nichols]



Notice of Special Accommodations:

"In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of West Jordan will make reasonable accommodations for participation in the meeting. Request for assistance can be made by contacting the City Clerk at 801-569-5115, providing at least three working days advance notice of the meeting."

Notice of Electronic or telephone participation:

Electronic or Telephonic Participation may be used if needed from time to time. Public notice will be provided pursuant to UCA 52-4-207

Other Information

For further information, the entire City Council packet is available on the City's website:

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Deadline Date: February 27, 2013 06:00 PM

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