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New VOTE.UTAH.GOV website generating thousands of visitors, as voter registration deadline nears

Sep. 28, 2010

(SALT LAKE CITY)  - Launched less than two weeks ago, the State of Utah's new voter information website VOTE.UTAH.GOV has already drawn more than 7,500 visits (including more than 5,800 unique visitors with 49,000 page views) and has emerged as the "go-to" portal for information when it comes to voting in Utah.
In fact, with less than a week before Monday's deadline for mail-in voter registration, Lt. Governor Greg Bell - Chief Election Officer for the State of Utah - is touting the website's early success serving as both a clearinghouse for information as well as a one-stop hub for special features that make voting more convenient and manageable.
"Our objective all along has been to make sure that Utah voters will be better informed about how, where and when to vote," said Lt. Governor Bell.  "So far, that's proven to be the case.  The initial response to the website has been overwhelmingly positive."
The new website provides access to features, such as:

  • Links to download a voter registration form to vote by mail (which must be postmarked by Monday, Oct. 4 or delivered in-person by Monday, Oct. 18)
  • Information and a link to the State's new online voter registration services
  • Information on early voting, including a wait time option available during early voting windows
  • Absentee ballot application form and new tracking system
  • The ability to sign-up for text/email alerts to provide reminders on where and when to vote as November's election draws nearer
  • Information on Utah's still-new ID requirements, mandatory for all voters on Election Day
  • Information on candidates and issues
  • Sample downloadable ballots          
  • A countdown to Election Day