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Initiative Petitions Fail to Reach Signature Limits

Jun. 01, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY - Sponsors of two initiative petitions - "Utah Redistricting Standards Commission" and "Government Ethics Reform" - have failed to obtain the number of signatures necessary to qualify for placement on the ballot.
Utah Code Section 20A-7-201(2) sets forth two separate signature requirements for initiative petitions. In the case of these two petitions, sponsors needed to collect 94,552 signatures statewide while also acquiring signatures from 10 percent of total voters from the last gubernatorial election in 26 of the state's 29 Senate districts.
Neither petition met either standard.
The Office of the Lieutenant Governor is required under Utah Code 20A-7-207 to declare initiative petitions as sufficient or insufficient by June 1. Please refer to the enclosed report for more details.