Spencer J. Cox

Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox and Family

Spencer J. Cox was born and raised in the town of Fairview. He and his wife, Abby, are the parents of four children. Spencer, the oldest of eight children, and Abby, the fifth of ten siblings, come from large families. They were both raised on farms in Sanpete County, where they learned the value of dedication and hard work.


Spencer Cox: The lieutenant governor who almost said no

Spencer Cox: The lieutenant governor who almost said no FAIRVIEW - Spencer Cox once turned down Harvard for a less glamorous school and walked away from a lucrative job with a law firm to move back to his boyhood farm. So maybe we shouldn't be surprised that he came within minutes of turning down an offer to be Utah's lieutenant governor.

Getting the L.G. job is like winning the lottery in politics, and he was only 38 and a rookie state legislator to boot. Yet he came this close to saying no, and the reason he almost said no can be found in Fairview, population 1,300. You get there by following Highway 89, which winds through the sage and juniper country of Sanpete County, with the snow-capped Manti LaSalles framing the eastern horizon, overlooking green meadows and marshes dotted with cattle, sheep and horses.