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Public and Higher Education

An educated workforce is critical for a prosperous economy

"The message is clear - investing in our children today, benefits all of us tomorrow."

- Governor Herbert

Call to Action: Sixty-six percent of adult Utahns will have a postsecondary degree or professional certification by 2020.

Download the 2013 PACE Booklet (pdf)
Governor's Education Excellence Commission 2013 Legislature Recommendations (pdf)

Objective 1: Ensure our school children achieve reading proficiency by the end of 3rd Grade.

Objective 2: Increase the number of High School students completing post-secondary courses.

Objective 3: Align educational training to meet the workforce demands of the marketplace.

Action Items:

  • Fund the growth in public education.
  • Expand early intervention programs for at-risk students.
  • Implement statewide computer adaptive testing in the areas of english/language arts, math and science.
  • Improve transition to post-secondary education by implementing college readiness exams in high schools statewide.
  • Increase the number of online college general education courses for high school students.
  • Expand online career counseling through
  • Fund higher education institutions based on measurable outcomes and national performance metrics.
  • Create a "Utah Jobs" program to align career technical education certificates with specific job openings.