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SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the final bills of the 2013 General Session of the Utah State Legislature. These bills include:

S.B. 3 Appropriations Adjustments Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 4 Current School Year Supplemental Public Education Budget Amendments Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 7 Second Substitute State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 9 Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 16 Health Insurance Coverage Restrictions on Retired Governors and Legislators Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 28 Boards and Commissions Amendments Sen. Knudson, P.
S.B. 49 First Substitute Child Welfare Modifications Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 59 Second Substitute Workers' Compensation Coordination of Benefits Amendments Sen. Mayne, K.
S.B. 74 Dignified Burial of Veterans Remains Sen. Vickers, E.
S.B. 80 First Substitute Removal from Database Restricting Firearm Purchase Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 86 Independent Executive Branch Ethics Commission Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 95 Second Substitute Whistleblower Amendments Sen. Reid, S.
S.B. 112 Third Substitute Work Week Amendments Sen. Osmond, A. S.B. 128 Financial Transparency in Education Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 223 State Senate Boundary Amendments Sen. Okerlund, R.
S.B. 224 State Board of Education Boundary Amendments Sen. Okerlund, R.
S.B. 230 Miners' Hospital Grants Amendments Sen. Hinkins, D.
S.B. 235 Interstate Mining Compact Sen. Hinkins, D.
S.B. 244 First Substitute Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Amendments Sen. Hinkins, D. S.B. 263 First Substitute Child Care Costs Amendments Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 271 Third Substitute School Grading Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 272 First Substitute Public School Funding Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 277 First Substitute Green River Energy Zone Sen. Hinkins, D.
H.B. 2 Public Education Budget Amendments Rep. Brown, M.
H.B. 3 Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Rep. Brown, M.
H.B. 21 First Substitute Workforce Services Amendments Rep. Bird, J.
H.B. 24 First Substitute Utah Retirement System Amendments Rep. Ipson, D.
H.B. 39 First Substitute Candidate Amendments Rep. Powell, K.
H.B. 53 First Substitute Election Law Amendments Rep. Powell, K.
H.B. 72 Safe Drinking Water Disclosure Act Rep. Barrus, R.
H.B. 74 First Substitute Property Tax Modifications Rep. Mathis, J.
H.B. 103 Wireless Telephone Use Restrictions Rep. Perry, L.
H.B. 115 Second Substitute Towing Amendments Rep. Stratton, K.
H.B. 124 First Substitute Radiation Control Amendments Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 130 First Substitute Boundary Adjustment Amendments Rep. Brown, M.
H.B. 134 Third Substitute Parental Notification Related to Student Safety Rep. Froerer, G.
H.B. 155 Federal Law Enforcement Amendments Rep. Noel, M.
H.B. 166 Water Rights Amendments Rep. Ivory, K.
H.B. 170 Deoxyribonucleic Acid Collection and Retention Amendments Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 227 Cohabitant Definition Rep. Wilson, B. H.B. 236 First Substitute Land Development Revisions Rep. Brown, M.
H.B. 256 Reauthorization of Administrative Rules Rep. Oda, C.
H.B. 315 Second Substitute Office of Inspector General of Medicaid Services Amendments Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 330 Financial Reporting Amendments Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 333 First Substitute State Lands Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 358 Instream Flow Amendments Rep. Noel, M.
H.B. 366 State House Boundary Amendments Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 367 Congressional Boundary Amendments Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 371 Interpreter Services for the Hearing Impaired Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 379 Rental Company Registration Amendments Rep. McCay, D.
H.B. 380 Economic Development Revisions Rep. Snow, V. L.
H.B. 384 Property Disposition Amendments Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 386 First Substitute Bail Bond Amendments Rep. Oda, C.
H.B. 391 Fifth Substitute Prohibition of Medicaid Expansion Rep. Anderegg, J.
H.B. 396 First Substitute Modular Home Amendments Rep. Froerer, G.
H.B. 403 Municipal Election Amendments Rep. Webb, R. C.
H.B. 404 Second Substitute Short Sale Amendments Rep. Roberts, M.

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