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Governor Herbert Signs New Bills into Law

Mar. 25, 2013

Governor Herbert Signs New Bills into Law

SALT LAKE CITY - Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills into law late Friday, March 22, 2013.

S.B. 14 Research Using Pharmaceuticals Sen. Jones, P.
S.B. 20 State Security Standards for Personal Information Sen. Reid, S.
S.B. 22 Worker Classification Coordinated Enforcement Council Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 27 Health Care Provider Immunity Sunset Amendment Sen. Christensen, A.
S.B. 38 Reauthorization of Veterans Reintegration Task Force Sen. Knudson, P.
S.B. 44 Second Substitute Construction Trades Licensing Revisions Sen. Mayne, K.
S.B. 45 Workers' Compensation and Directors or Officers Sen. Vickers, E.
S.B. 53 Intergenerational Welfare Reform Sen. Reid, S.
S.B. 54 Licensing of Nursing Care Facility Beds Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 60 Abortion Statistics and Reporting Requirements Sen. Dayton, M.
S.B. 70 Commission Relating to Federal Issues Sen. Henderson, D.
S.B. 77 Second Substitute Availability of Government Information Sen. Henderson, D.
S.B. 100 Higher Education Scholarship Amendments Sen. Stevenson, J.
S.B. 111 Electronic Filing of Traffic Citations and Accident Reports Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 113 Long-Term Disability Coverage Amendments Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 125 District Court Judge Amendments Sen. Van Tassell, K.
S.B. 127 Juvenile Court Judge Amendments Sen. Van Tassell, K.
S.B. 129 Office of State Debt Collection - Administrative Garnishment Order Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 140 Service Area Board of Trustees Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 146 Driving Under the Influence Amendments Sen. Jenkins, S.
S.B. 147 First Substitute Workers' Compensation and Occupational Safety Related Amendments Sen. Mayne, K.
S.B. 150 Financial Institution Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 161 Restitution Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 162 Concurrent Enrollment Amendments Sen. Urquhart, S.
S.B. 169 Education Task Force Sen. Reid, S.
S.B. 170 Identity Fraud Amendments Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 178 Department of Transportation Revisions Sen. Van Tassell, K.
S.B. 203 First Substitute Prescription Label Information and Education Amendments Sen. Jones, P
S.B. 211 First Substitute Redevelopment Agency Amendments Sen. Stevenson, J.
S.B. 228 Penalties for Specified Juvenile Offenses Sen. Shiozawa, B.
S.B. 250 First Substitute Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Sales of a Fuel Cell Sen. Okerlund, R.
S.B. 270 Controlled Substance Amendments Sen. Vickers, E.
S.B. 283 Availability of Public Information Amendments Sen. Henderson, D.
S.C.R. 1 Concurrent Resolution Approving Solid Waste Facility Landfill Permit Sen. Hinkins, D.
S.C.R. 3 Threatened Species Damage and Management Plan Concurrent Resolution Sen. Vickers, E.
S.C.R. 4 First Substitute Standing with Israel Concurrent Resolution Sen. Bramble, C.
S.C.R. 5 Third Substitute Concurrent Resolution Expressing Support for Achieving 66% by 2020 Goal Sen. Stevenson, J.
H.B. 10 First Substitute Sex Offense Amendments Rep. Greenwood, R.
H.B. 11 First Substitute Local Transportation Corridor Preservation Fund Amendments Rep. Last, B.
H.B. 12 Alarm Company Employee Licensing Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 14 Requirements to Change Form of County Government Rep. Grover, K.
H.B. 22 Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism Rep. Bird, J.
H.B. 27 Threat of Terrorism Penalty Amendments Rep. Hutchings, E.
H.B. 30 Line-of-Duty Death and Disability Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 33 Expungement Process Amendments Rep. Hutchings, E.
H.B. 35 Retirement Analysis for New Public Entities Rep. Ipson, D.
H.B. 37 Repeal of Reporting Requirements Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 48 Medical Reserve Corps Amendments Rep. Redd, E.
H.B. 81 Second Substitute Cytomegalovirus Public Health Initiative Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 92 Factual Innocence Assistance Amendments Rep. Froerer, G.
H.B. 93 First Substitute Traffic Violations Amendments Rep. Peterson, J.
H.B. 95 Amortization Rate Contribution for Reemployed Retirees Revisions Rep. Sagers, D.
H.B. 285 Modification of Education-Related Reporting Requirements Rep. Gibson, F.
H.B. 300 Retention of Sales and Use Tax Collections by Certain Remote Sellers Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 301 Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Amendments Rep. Redd, E.

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